URAYSİM Rail Systems Test Center to be Completed in 2022

Uraysim rail systems test center will also be completed
Uraysim rail systems test center will also be completed

📩 18/12/2020 16:05

Eskisehir in Turkey in the field of rail systems and is preparing to have a say in the world. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry President Celalettin Kesikbaş stated that it is planned to establish Rail Systems Specialized OSB in Alpu district and URAYSİM investment continues.

Eskişehir industry, which has 16 sectors including aviation and rail transportation systems, is getting stronger with many projects despite the pandemic. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, which has approximately 850 members, focused on protecting its members' businesses, production and employment. Many projects carried out in Eskişehir, such as Rail Systems Specialized OIZ, National Rail Systems Test and Research Center (URAYSİM), Green Road, Design Center, add attraction to the city industry. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry President Celalettin Kesikbaş stated that they are planning to establish a Specialized OIZ related to rail systems in Alpu district and said, “We started our work on this project. "The intellectual part is over, we are dealing with the technical parts." Eskişehir voicing targeting Turkey's rail systems that base Kesikbaş, said the world would have a say in this regard in the field with my URAYS rail system will be installed in Eskisehir.


Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Chairman Kesikbaş, who was a guest on Sanayi TV, made important statements about the city industry. Explaining that Eskişehir Chamber of Industry has attracted a significant amount of investors to the city since its establishment in 1968, Kesikbaş noted that its chambers also contribute to the social life of the city. Kesikbaş, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry (TÜLOMSAŞ), sugar factory and Eskişehir with printing factory, voicing conceived as an industrial city of the new Republic, "a rich we are not in terms of industrial diversity, we have 16 professional committees. In addition to rail systems, Eskişehir is also a defense and aviation city. Many people who left TÜLOMSAŞ's apprenticeship school or other factories as workers are among the major industries of Eskişehir today. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry has made the potential of this intellectual capital higher, ”he said.


Explaining that they are trying to add value to Eskişehir in order to make it a livable city, Kesikbaş said, “Our chamber facilitates the industrialist's job in terms of both the arrival of investors and preparation of the infrastructure. We find solutions to investors' problems. The contribution of Mr. Savaş Özaydın, who has been the president of the chamber for 29 years, and our other former presidents, is especially great. We are trying to add value to Eskişehir in terms of being a livable city. We do not have an industry detached from the city, we try to be involved in all matters in the city. We want to be both an industrial city, a student city and a tourism city. There are examples of this in Europe, our dream is to become a city like Turin. We want to be known for its industry, history, economy and also for its intellectual infrastructure. All of them make the city livable and this is one of our important missions ”.


Kesikbaş, the Chairman of the Chamber, said that they have around 20 companies producing medium and high-level technologies related to aviation, and the most important factor in the development of this sector is the presence of both the Air Force and Air Supply cities. It is based on the export of high-tech exports and 15 percent of Eskisehir Kesikbaş stressed, "we look at the technological investments in the aviation field is perhaps a number Eskisehir in Turkey. You can easily find the most advanced machines and the most qualified personnel in the world in Eskişehir. Our aviation cluster is extremely successful. We are a member of the European Aviation Clusters Partnership (EACP) related to the aviation industry. We obtained significant funds from the European Union. In addition, we are trying to bring companies in the aviation sector together with companies abroad. Eskişehir will have a say in the production of domestic and national engines in the near future, we have an infrastructure ”.


Kesikbaş also informed that they started a work to establish a Specialized OIZ about rail systems in Eskişehir Alpu and said, “The idea part of the project is finished, we are dealing with the technical parts. We think we will reach good results on this subject in the near future. Also, Eskişehir hosts URAYSİM. Here, testing and certification of all operations related to the rail system will be produced in Turkey. The ongoing investment is aimed to be completed in 2022. This is a very valuable project for Eskişehir. As a chamber, we are working on the promotion of this project. The most important issue we emphasize is that Eskişehir is the center for rail systems. Since 1894, together with TÜLOMSAŞ, Eskişehir is very experienced in this field. We have a certain infrastructure. Just as Bursa is associated with automotive, we aim to make sure that Eskişehir is remembered with rail systems, that high-speed train sets are produced in Eskişehir, and that there are wagon factories with no end. It is extremely important that URAYSİM will also be established in Eskişehir. We have great potential, it needs to be utilized. Open Turkey's railway system on the transport front. The fact that URAYSİM is in Eskişehir will add attraction to the city ”.


Celalettin Kesikbaş stated that Bursa was chosen as the TOGG production site, but Eskişehir's infrastructure was suitable for the automotive supplier industry. Local and national automobile industry as they have the power to undertake the Kesikbaş stressed, "European Automotive Clusters in Turkey, the first room we were participating in the Network. Since we focus on exports, we are trying to open our sub-industry companies that will produce automotive production infrastructure to the world. It is necessary to create an infrastructure where they can create a final product by integrating design into the business. For this purpose, we want to establish 'Design Valley'. Branding, innovation, design process are among our most important issues for 2021. The main ways to increase exports are through these. On the other hand, we initiated the 'Green Road' project to enable Eskişehir to reach the ports by train. We created a Logistics Center in Eskişehir Chamber of Industry. We started to ship our goods to ports in the Gulf Region by TCDD railways ”.

Source: Ümit UÇAR / Industry Newspaper

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