Demands and Solution Suggestions of the International Shipping Industry from TTSO

demands and solutions of the international shipping industry
demands and solutions of the international shipping industry

Önder Reis, a council member of the 14th professional committee of the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO), which includes automotive and transportation companies, made statements about the demands and suggestions of international transporters.


TTSO Council Member Önder Reis emphasized that there are 11 international shipping companies in the Eastern Black Sea Region, 61 of which are in Trabzon, according to the data of the 121th Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Transport, and said, shows. "3 thousand people from the international transportation sector, where 867 billion liras of investment is made in our region, make their living."


Önder Reis said, “Our country, which takes firm steps towards its export target of 500 billion dollars, unfortunately imports services in order to send its export products abroad. Apart from the competition between the shipping companies in our country and in our region, the main competition is the vehicles with foreign plates that carry the export products of our country abroad. Depending on the exchange rates, prices of new and used vehicles doubled, and investment costs increased by 100 percent. In addition, while the quality of personnel decreases, personnel costs increase. Fuel prices, tire prices, motor own damage and traffic insurance premiums, vehicle inspection fees, motor vehicle taxes, service, spare parts and vehicle maintenance expenses also constantly increase operating costs. This situation leads to unfair competition in vehicles and makes vehicles with foreign license plates advantageous in our country ”.


TTSO Council Member Önder Reis used the following statements while listing the demands and solution suggestions of the international shipping industry based on all these developments:

“The annual vehicle inspection fee of 1000 TL should be reduced and its duration should be increased to 2 years. KazanVehicles of the company paying income tax, corporate tax and VAT in connection with the seller should not be subject to motor vehicle tax. Our traffic policemen should give up the habit of not checking documents and tachographs by not stopping the vehicle with a foreign license plate, thinking that they will have a foreign language problem. Vehicles with foreign license plates that do not pay highway and bridge fees and traffic fines should not be allowed to go abroad. By installing a fuel pump at the Sarp Border Gate and allocating fuel to vehicles going abroad, as in Kapıkule, foreign currency should be kept in the country. Non-pecuniary guarantee should be added to the compulsory financial traffic insurance premium, the premium of which competes with the motor insurance premium. The employer, who provides employment to the driver, should not be burdened by the employer as the responsible employee, and the driver should be responsible for the material and moral responsibility in the accidents caused by the driver's fault. The employer should be saved from being victimized by the driver by making a regulation regarding the transporters in the Labor Law, kazanHe should not be compelled to pay more compensation than the money he has received. In order to reduce the investment cost, international carriers should be provided with the opportunity to purchase vehicles without VAT and SCT on a contractual basis. A more strict attitude should be taken regarding the transition documents provided to vehicles with foreign license plates by our Ministry of Transport. In the non-implemented article 128 of the Highway Traffic Regulation, the gauge and weight of the vehicles to be driven on the highway are specified, and the regulation should be applied. A logistics base should be established in our city with social facilities, parks, repair-maintenance-repair services that are the lifeblood of road transport. By ensuring the establishment of foreign exchange offices on behalf of the state at the border gates, it is unfair by changing the foreign currency of the transporter and the citizen at the exchange rate determined by the officials on their own initiative. kazanCompromise should be prevented. With the laws and lobbying activities to be enacted, the exporter and transporter of our country, which has the 19th largest economy in the world, deserves the respect it deserves in Asia and the Middle East. kazancost should be provided. The owner of the company that transfers fuel between vehicles should not be prosecuted for smuggling. Public information should be given by giving credit to the shipper, whose importance and value is understood in the state of emergency, war, natural disasters and epidemics, and who is only applauded at these times.”

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