İmamoğlu: 'The Treasury Has Not Approved Our Borrowing Request To Complete The Subways'

Treasury did not approve our borrowing request for completing imamoglu metro.
Treasury did not approve our borrowing request for completing imamoglu metro.

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluwas the guest of the live broadcast of economist Mustafa Sönmez's “Parametre” program on Halk TV. İmamoğlu answered Sonmez's questions about İSKİ's demand for a “water hike” and the new People's Bread kiosks that could not pass the Parliament, “Do politics in everything; some things cannot be done in politics. What is the policy of bread? It doesn't have a buffet. What is the politics of water? They're getting the juice out of the business," he replied. Sharing the information that they could not get approval from the Treasury regarding the issuance of Eurobonds made by İBB in order to continue its metro investments, İmamoğlu said, “We expect the approval of our borrowing to come from Ankara, from the Treasury. For 16 million Istanbul residents, we want this so that the metros that were started during the AK Party municipalities period but could not be completed will be finished.”


Sharing with the public the information that they could not get approval from the Treasury regarding the Eurobond issuance carried out by IMM in order to continue its metro investments, İmamoğlu said, “Metro tenders were also made, but their financing was not resolved. Metro is not a business that IMM can return from its own budget. In fact, all of these types of work are manufacturing jobs that can be carried out with very long-term borrowings. Unfortunately, most of the work we bought stopped after a while without the financing problem. Our application for bonds worth TL 301 million has been suspended. We expect the approval of our borrowing from Ankara, the Treasury. We want this to end the subways that were started but not completed for 16 million Istanbul residents during the AKP municipalities, ”he said.


“The water issue bothers me a little. Actually, I am a little sad. I laugh a little too. Why? Either do politics in everything; some things are not done in politics. Now they do it in water, it does it in bread. What is the politics of bread? It doesn't make it put in the buffet. What is the politics of water? They take the juice out of it. So bad the language and the way of expression. When we took over, we reduced the water to 4 liras at our request. When? When the first choice is made; I mean, there is an interim period of 18 days, this discount was made in that period. After 3 months, it will be 2 years. Two years ago, we made the water money, which was 2-35 percent more than the pockets of Istanbul, cheaper with our request. This is our commitment in the election. "


“We made a hike once in a while; true. Let me even give you the rate. Our hike in between is 12,6 percent. However, in previous years, the maintenance fee, which had been taken for decades, was canceled after the new law, with the circular. We can no longer write 'maintenance fee' on the invoice of Istanbul. Therefore, a 12,6 percent increase was made, but since the maintenance fee was deleted, it actually became zero. So there was no raise in the water. Anyone can see this from their bill. The proposal of İSKİ, the institution of IMM, is 25 percent. For what? Look; The water, which we made 2 percent cheaper 44,6 years ago, will be raised for the first time in almost 2 years. We will spend the year 2021 with this increase. "


"You know electricity prices in Turkey. You know the service prices. It is insufficient, but you know the salary increases. All these are reflected in the costs of İSKİ. So what is İSKİ doing? İSKİ meets the water needs of Istanbul. İSKİ is struggling to save Istanbul from floods or raids at work. İSKİ provides infrastructure services. He has only one income to provide all these services; that is water money. He needs a raise to do all these services. I am telling one by one so that they all understand well; so that those who do this ugly policy will understand well. There are shouting, 'İmamoğlu made a raise of 60 percent and 80 percent', 'He wanted a raise İmamoğlu'. I'm sorry. Over 2 years, the total increase we made to the water, which we have made a discount of 45 percent, is 6,8 percent. And it is insufficient. I'm not saying that; even the mayors within themselves, even the mayors of the AK Party, condemn this policy, this ugly politics they do. That is clear. "


İmamoğlu said, “Why are the People's Alliance parties preventing the number of Halk Ekmek buffets in the parliament? Is there no way to overcome this? ”He answered the question as follows:

“First of all, why are they blocking it, I could not understand. I wish I could find a logical answer. Because they themselves cannot give a logical answer to this. There was an answer I heard recently; He said 'We do not prevent it'. Either we have a request there for months. We put a buffet in the forced 6-7 points; fight, noise, hell broke out. Why is our buffet request? Let me tell you: For example, we put a buffet in Şile. Why? There was no Halk Ekmek (Public Bread) in Şile. Now, the sale of the Public Bread Buffet in Şile is almost 5000 bread. This means actually: If you think that two people ate 1 bread, 10.000 people actually suffer from poverty. -Of course our bread is also liked, it is different- He is bored and he goes and buys that bread. How happy people are; it's as if you opened a factory in Şile. So happy. There were also frustration processes there. We don't want conflict. We put the kiosk by making a lease from a citizen. For what? Because for these kinds of areas, as in the past, you get the authority to allocate from the parliament. In a way, you say; "We will put 700 People's Bread kiosks at various points of the city." What's the reason? In Istanbul, we have citizens who struggle with poverty and receive aid from us. And when we look at the map of these citizens, we are giving free bread to many of them. We cannot give the bread to most of them. In order for the man to buy the bread, he will get in the car so that a woman can buy the bread, he will take the bread from the People's Bread, which will travel for kilometers. Because we could not reach, we said; "We have such a need and we have to put this much buffet." This motion has been waiting there for months. "


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