Points to Consider in Hand Hygiene Against Coronavirus

Points to Consider in Hand Hygiene Against Coronavirus
Points to Consider in Hand Hygiene Against Coronavirus

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we all attach great importance to hand hygiene. We wash our hands about 15-20 times a day. This number can sometimes even be higher. Stating that we need to pay attention to some important points in order to provide hygiene, Academic Hospital Dermatology Professor Doctor Ayşe Tülin Mansur states that washing our hands so often can affect the health of our skin.

Academic Hospital Dermatology Professor Doctor Ayşe Tülin Mansur stated that washing the hands too often creates abrasion on the oily layer on the skin surface that protects our skin from irritating external factors. Sometimes this discomfort increases even more and redness, flaking and fine cracks occur on the skin. Burning and itching occur, ”he says, explaining how to avoid this ailment known as“ irritated eczema ”.

How should you wash your hands and protect your skin from excessive drying?

  • Remove all jewelry and accessories from your hands and wrists before washing your hands. Do not wear a watch unless it is mandatory.
  • Keep your nails cut short. Wash your hands with warm, not hot water.
  • A medical, antiseptic soap is not required for people other than healthcare professionals for hand washing.
  • You can choose non-perfumed liquid or bar soaps that contain moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and olive oil.
  • Use liquid soap in environments that are open to many people, such as hospitals, and dry your hands with a paper towel after washing. Close the tap again with a paper towel.
  • You do not need to use a brush in your routine hand washing. Wet your hands first, this process will allow the soap to foam better.
  • After lathering the soap thoroughly with water, wash your fingers, inner and outer surfaces of your hands, under the nails and wrists for 20 seconds by rubbing them. If you stay under this period, microorganisms and chemicals may not be free from your hands. Try not to exceed this time to prevent excessive drying of your hands.
  • Rinse especially between the fingers to avoid soap residue.
  • Microorganisms spread more easily in humid environments, so dry your hands thoroughly.
  • Immediately after drying, apply an unscented oil-based moisturizer to your hands. Moisturizers repair the skin barrier. It also does not prevent protection from bacteria and viruses.
  • Do not wash your hands immediately after using the disinfectant, as this will erode the oily layer of the skin. In addition, the moisturizers in the disinfectant are also removed from the skin.
  • If you experience irritation eczema due to frequent hand washing, moisturizers alone will be insufficient. Consult a physician for appropriate treatment recommendations.

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