HES Code Period Officially Started in Public Transportation in Eskişehir

The period of account code in public transportation in eskisehir officially started
The period of account code in public transportation in eskisehir officially started

Interior Ministry circular as a result of the increasing number of cases from all public transport in the Code Enforcement Hes made compulsory in Turkey, before many of the city began in Eskisehir. No citizen who does not match Hes Code will be able to use trams and buses, except for nearly 153 thousand Eskart owners who go to the support centers of the Metropolitan Municipality over the Internet and match Eskart over ALO 200.

Community health and Transportation, which is one of the measures taken to prevent the virus from spreading Hes Code of Practice, officially launched in Eskisehir before many cities in Turkey. Thanks to the support points of the Metropolitan Municipality, mukhtars and the support provided through ALO 153, the application was activated in trams and buses after tens of thousands of Eskart owners made matching in a short time. Stating that nearly 200 thousand Eskart's are matched with the personalized Hes Codes of the citizens, Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that Eskart owners who do not match Hes Code within the scope of the application cannot benefit from public transportation. Authorities said, “Unfortunately, the number of cases is increasing both in our city and in our country.

Public transportation is one of the risky environments for the spread of the epidemic. Local governments all across Turkey although some measures, especially during peak hours, increasing the risk of transmission occurring in a concentration-dependent means to minimize this risk. For this reason, we started the Hes Code Application in public transportation in Eskişehir with the decision of the Ministry of Interior. Except for nearly 153 thousand Eskart owners who match over the internet, by coming to our support points or through ALO 200, none of our citizens will be able to benefit from public transportation until they match. With code and card integration, the travel cards of citizens with Covid-19 diagnosis or contact will be automatically suspended during the isolation period. If these people attempt to get on trams and buses and have their cards read, the information that they have broken the quarantine will be detected by the relevant ministries from the system and action will be initiated. Thanks to the sensitivity of the rapid action they received and citizens on the issue as Metropolitan Municipality officials stating that they were one of the first cities in the application Turkey, this process supports therefore village headmen, they thanked the Eskişehirlilerin for understanding.

Officials who stated that citizens can get support by calling ALO 153 during working hours on weekdays until the end of December for the matching process, http://www.eskisehir.bel.tr They stated that the transaction can be done in a short time.

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