The stops in Mersin are also 'smart'

The pauses in Mersin are also made clear
The pauses in Mersin are also made clear

The stops at 51 points in the center of Mersin were revised by the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department with the 'Smart Stop System'. Thus, the stops in Mersin have become 'smart'.

Tracking buses with this system at 51 busiest points

Thanks to the Smart Stop System, which is located at 51 points in the districts of Akdeniz, Toroslar, Yenişehir and Mezitli and where the passenger density is the most, it is aimed for the citizens to make their transportation easily. Passengers who can learn from which stop and how many buses pass through the Kentkart Mobile application can now read this information from smart stops thanks to the system located at 51 points.

Systems at the stops work with solar energy

The existing stops at 51 points determined in places where the city's passenger potential is intense, has been revised as smart stops. The smart stop screens include line number, line name and information about how many minutes the vehicles will arrive. The information about when the buses will pass is instantly calculated and transferred to the stops online. Smart stop systems work entirely with solar panels and provide the energy required by information screens at stops without grid electricity. Thanks to these panels, the energy to be spent is stored and the image is provided on the screens.

"We are doing all kinds of infrastructure work in order not to keep our citizens waiting"

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Ersan Topçuoğlu reminded that the buses transmit to all citizens with the mobile application to which stop, at what time and at what interval, and said the following about smart stops:

“We turned 51 stops in our city center into smart stations. When our citizens come to these stations in addition to the mobile service, they can learn which bus will come to the stop at which time directly from the screen and monitor. We started to offer this service to our citizens. Our 51 stops have become active. In order not to keep our citizens waiting in transportation and to use the time in the best way, we do all kinds of infrastructure works for them. This smart stop project was one of them; It is one of the projects we have done in order not to keep our citizens waiting on the road network. "


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