The Number of Hygienic Products in Pandemic Reached 321

The number of hygienic products reached to the pandemic
The number of hygienic products reached to the pandemic

Within the scope of the studies carried out by TITCK during the Covid-19 period, the number of TYPE-1 (antiseptics, antibacterial soaps etc.) and Type 19 biocidal products increased from 252 to 321.

When we look at the number of temporary licenses issued, it is 525, while permanent license applications are 405. Free sales certificates were given in 114 copies. Likewise, as of the end of 2019, the number of companies increased from 102 to 448. In this context, the Association of Cosmetic Manufacturers and researchers are the first and only in Turkey "International Cosmetic Congress" Speaking at the TİTCK Cosmetics Office of the President Yücel Dener, "especially during a pandemic period, Type-1 biocidal products, namely in direct contact with the product to the human body “There was a demand and it was of great importance.

The industry, which includes cleaning and disinfectant products as well as cosmetics, has increased its importance with the pandemic. In this context, the work done during the pandemic process was also evaluated at the congress held online between 4-5 December. The congress, which was attended by important speakers and participants, was also attended by large numbers of people from abroad.


Yücel Dener, Head of TITCK Cosmetic Products Department, said, “While the studies on biocidal products were carried out by Public Health, they have now been transferred to the responsibility of TITCK. During the pandemic period, there was a demand especially for TIP-1 biocidal products (antiseptics, antibacterial soaps etc.), that is, products that directly contact the human body and became very important. With the process, we got into a very important situation in terms of biocidal products. Looking at it, there has been a huge explosion of demand for these products. As a result of our investigations, we saw too many deficiencies in the scope of these products in the files, and upon the request of KÜAD, we started a process to provide trainings for better understanding of biocidal products ”.

Dener pointed out that they never grant licenses without examining and approving the products, “When we look at the statistical data on biocidal products, there were 1 licensed products within the scope of TYPE-19 and Type 252 biocidal products before, we currently number of licensed products is 321. Temporary license application is 791, the number we have approved is 525. Those canceled due to lack of conditions are 305. Our permanent license application is 405. Conversion of temporary licenses to permanent licenses was 17, while the number of licenses issued directly by our institution was 5. The number of licenses renewed by our institution was 59. Also, when we looked at the number of free sales certificates, we had 200 applications. We gave a certificate by saying that it is suitable for 114 of them. In the same way, as of the end of 2019, the number of licensed companies was 102, but now, the number of companies has increased to 448, ”he said.


Pointing out that Covid-19 has become an unprecedented global problem, MG Gülçiçek Chemistry Deputy General Manager Bülent Konca said, “Countries and businesses continue to produce solutions and alternatives to meet the demands of consumers against the pandemic. In the long run, with the emergence of a new normal, we will continue to adapt to the environment and the planet by renewing and changing our own habits. "This situation will bring us some opportunities with its disadvantages, of course."

Konca said, “Contactless services, contactless deliveries and social distance have also become indispensable elements of our lives. Of course, it has also accelerated E-Commerce. We see that unmanned devices that will come before our door from food to textile, from cosmetics to our other needs are designed. However, technologies supported by artificial intelligence will continue to improve and facilitate our daily life by becoming widespread. The number of NanoSeptic surfaces will increase and their usage areas will expand. "While using this in the Mause Pad, a new living space will be created in the sitting area inside a shopping center, in the seating areas in airplanes or in public transportation vehicles."

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