Manisa's Concrete Road Network Expands

The concrete road network of the manisa is expanding
The concrete road network of the manisa is expanding

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of concrete roads connecting 25 neighborhoods on the Alaşehir-Salihli route without slowing down. Work has been completed on the 35-kilometer part of the 21-kilometer road network and made available to citizens.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ali Öztozlu, Head of Road Construction and Repair Department Kurtuluş Kuruçay, Head of Cemeteries Department and Head of Urban Aesthetics Department Hakan Göktaş, MHP Alaşehir District President Necdet Türk, and Alaşehir Headman Affairs Branch Manager Himmet Güneş examined the concrete road works. Citizens in the region accompanied the investigations.

Long Life and Domestic Production

It will be used as an alternative to the Izmir-Denizli highway in order to use public resources effectively and efficiently in line with the instructions of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün; Deputy Secretary General Ali Öztozlu stated that the concrete road application has been carried out on the road that will connect Alaşehir and Salihli, and said, “We are continuing the last 14 kilometers of our work. Our 21-kilometer manufacturing has been completed. It is known for the density of agricultural land in this region. Our producers will no longer have to worry about the roads being dust. In addition, 25 neighborhoods will be connected in this way. In many ways, it was a work for the public good. The fact that concrete road manufacturing is domestic production and its longevity should not be overlooked in terms of effective and efficient use of public resources. Our Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction and Repair Department teams will continue their work. "Good luck to our citizens," he said.

Citizens Thanked

Citizens accompanying the Metropolitan delegation during the investigations thanked the delegation of the Metropolitan Municipality for the roads leading to the agricultural lands were freed from dust.

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