Support Payments to be Made to Small-Scale Fishermen

Support will be paid to small scale fishermen
Support will be paid to small scale fishermen

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli announced that support payments of 18.00 million 13 thousand liras will be made to the small-scale traditional coastal fishermen after 733:XNUMX today.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that for the welfare and benefit of the small-scale coastal fishing sector, they recorded the information of the fishermen and supported them.

90 percent of the fishing fleet in Turkey is composed of small-scale fishermen expressing Pakdemirli, he said:

“Almost all of the production of our coastal fishermen is consumed locally and fresh. In this way, it contributes to healthy food security and price stability. For this reason, we support our small-scale fishermen in order to support the livelihood of our people living in the coastal areas and to ensure rural development. In this safe, we will make a total support payment of 2020 million 13.132 thousand lira to the account of our 13 fishermen for 733, after 18.00 today. "


Stating that they did not forget the fishermen during the Covid-19 process and did not leave them alone, Pakdemirli added that they continue to support aquaculture, processed aquaculture, puffer fish, and the purchase of tools and equipment by fishermen, as well as coastal fishing.

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