Skin Problem seen in 5 in 1 Babies: Atopic Skin

skin problem seen in every baby atopic skin
skin problem seen in every baby atopic skin

Babies have a delicate and delicate skin structure. Atopy, which is becoming a more common problem day by day; It manifests itself with symptoms of excessive dryness, itching and redness on the skin. A special care support is very important for babies with symptoms of excessive skin dryness. When atopia-prone skin is detected and regular care is provided, the discomfort caused by the symptoms decreases and the baby's quality of life increases.

Mustela Expertise Is Always With You For A Solution To Your Baby's Atopy Problem

Developing products with baby skin expertise for 70 years MustelaBeing aware that only moisturizing ritual will not be enough for atopic skins, it is specially designed for all bathing, care and cleansing needs. Stelatopia Series offers. It has been specially formulated for the needs of skin prone to ceriatopia and has been proven by research under medical supervision to be suitable for use from birth.

Correct and Effective Care Recommendations for Babies with Atopic Skin:

  • Make sure the room is not too hot and moisten the room.
  • Frequently ventilate its environment.
  • Dress in cotton clothes.
  • Keep the bath time short, wash with gentle movements without using a sponge.
  • Use special washing products that do not contain soap, perfume and preservatives.
  • Moisturize your body with proper skin care every day after bathing.

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