Second Underground Lathe from Dirinler to Istanbul Metro

Second underground lathe from dirin to istanbul metro
Second underground lathe from dirin to istanbul metro

Dirinler, one of the flagships of the sector with its machinery producing machines, has presented the revolutionary Underground Wheel Lathe to Istanbul Metro for the second time in rail system wheel maintenance.

Dirinler Machine Chairman Mustafa Rabil Dirinler, spare parts and service during the pandemic has entered a downturn in global industry all by going to the restrictions in the world, as Turkey's major machinery manufacturers "Local and National" said production more importance they give. Stating that a wagon was turned over in a very short time with an underground lathe, and the rail system was commissioned by making the controls, Dirin said, “We are once again proud of presenting this system, which minimizes the costs such as loss of passengers and workers due to the suspension of the train, for the second time. In order to overcome this difficult period with less damage, we need to process more, produce better and work harder ”.

"Our Engineers, Technicians and Technicians are our pride"

Dirinler, underground Lathes said they were the only company engaged in the manufacture in Turkey. If their views on the subject was passed with the following words: "endlessly've worked as a national company for this system will change the players in very dearly sold and the global industry in the international market, we soon move Turkey to a higher level in this competition. Every first we realize reveals the success of Dirinler in engineering. There is nothing Turkish engineers, technicians and technicians cannot do, we are proud of them ”

"Production without slowing down"

Dirin stated that his goal is to produce without slowing down. “Our goal is to do what is not done and to produce the need. No matter how many obstacles we face, we will not give up this goal. " said. Dirin, we think of the world after the pandemic. Within this, our production continues without slowing down and emphasized that they believe that they will provide great competitive advantages in the international market.the stendustr)

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