Public Transport Vehicles Are Continuously Disinfected in İzmir

Public transportation vehicles are disinfected continuously in Izmir
Public transportation vehicles are disinfected continuously in Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has been continuing its disinfection works continuously since March in order for the city to come out with the least damage from the coronavirus epidemic. During this period, 246 thousand points open to the public, especially public transportation vehicles, were disinfected.

He disinfected open to the public, including 246 thousand points of public transport especially since the first official case in March of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started preparations to take precautions against coronaviruses in Turkey before the announcement. The teams affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Branch Directorate, which works in the city center and surrounding districts, provide services to parks, health institutions, police stations, sports areas, schools, places of worship, mukhtar offices, pharmacies, banks, cafes and restaurants, public institutions and organizations. It protected public areas such as buildings.

Metropolitan, which continues its disinfection works in taxis, minibuses, ESHOT and İZULAŞ vehicles, 112 Emergency Ambulances, ferries, subway, İZBAN vehicles and stations, used a total of 7 thousand 303 liters of disinfectant. Metropolitan teams regularly carry out disinfection works in all these areas.

Disinfecting work has never stopped

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which carried out disinfection works in the mosques opened to worship on May 11 with the barbers and hairdressers, which were re-opened on May 29 with the circular of the Ministry of Interior, disinfected all schools before the High School Transition Exam (LGS), to be used in tram stops, metro and İZBAN stations. placed hand disinfectants. Before the 2020-2021 Academic Year started, all schools across the province were disinfected and each school was delivered with one digital thermometer, two hygiene mats and five liters of disinfectant for use in hygiene mats. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality regularly disinfected the accommodation areas and common areas in tent cities created after the October 30 earthquake every day.

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