The Mayor told slowly, Ankara learned the facts

President told slowly, ankara facts learned
President told slowly, ankara facts learned

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, made important statements at the press conference held after the December meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council. The live press conference of President Yavaş, who has shared with the public all the expenditures made since the day he took office, and answered the allegations against him, broke the record of viewing on social media.

The Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş, responded to the questions and allegations directed to him during the budget negotiations of the Metropolitan Municipality Council that convened in November with a press conference.

Slow words and presentation to the President, "The only answer I give to my future nobody should doubt provide not heard of Ankara in Turkey people," he began.


Mayor Yavaş stated that they paid 2 billion 1 million TL of debt from the previous period during the period of his presidency for about 600 years and shared with the public in detail all the municipal expenditures made in the old and new periods.

Stating that they submitted 3 quadrillion cases of corruption to the prosecutor's office, President Yavaş stated that they were alone in the fight against corruption and called on political parties with groups in the parliament to cooperate:

“The total cost of irregularities, which are the subject of around 40 criminal complaints, is 3 quadrillion Turkish lira with its current value. For this reason, I invite you not to complicity but to cooperate, to brotherhood for the manifestation of justice. Actually, we started with great hopes for the union of power. You have just listened to the speech of the previous group deputy chairmen of the AK Party, I believe in the sincerity of these words. I'm not saying to judge you, but months have passed since then, we have transferred dozens of corruption files to the courthouse. Why were AK Party members not present with us? Those stolen were stolen from the people of Ankara? Why couldn't we submit the files to the courthouse together, saying that we are involved in these cases? Now I am addressing the old and new vice presidents. Are you still behind these words or not? If you are behind it, why are you not involved in the files we have submitted to the prosecutor's office? Come and intervene for Allah. Let us share it with the public with gratitude and gratitude to you. "


Stating that he has adopted the principle of protecting the money of the people of Ankara and the right of orphans, Mayor Yavaş said, “If I have a mistake, I tell you, never claim me. Esteemed members of our assembly, we are brothers, we have faith. "Let's not be a mute devil in the face of injustice."

Responding to all claims regarding municipal expenditures and activities in his presentation, Mayor Yavaş reminded that there were questions he was not asked and made the following explanations:

“You spoke for hours in the budget speech and the annual report. Among these questions, does anyone claim that Mansur Yavaş has given him an interest in the tenders of our municipality? I would like to ask this in their faces. So, does anyone claim that Mansur Yavaş is providing benefits for his relatives? Do you have a claim that Mansur Yavaş creates his own rich? Or have you heard of such a thing? Have you heard of Mansur Yavaş making someone from his family rich? Has any information been received that Mansur Yavaş bought goods for his house with the counter to the municipality? Have you heard anything about Mansur Yavaş showing the personnel working in private service in the Republican People's Party and the Provincial Presidencies of the IYI Party as working in the municipality? By Allah's leave you have not heard and will not be able to hear any of this. Because it will never be done and we will not drop the heads of those who trust us. Nobody should be sorry, but I have to say that not hearing any of these allegations and going to the prosecutor's office is a partner in that crime and is decent. "

Saying, “I will complete this mission with my dignity and dignity, no matter what it costs me,” President Yavaş said, “I will not make myself steal but work. When my term of office is over, I will walk around the citizen with my head high and forehead open. Honesty will be the biggest legacy I will leave to my offspring ”.


He also clarified the allegations that “he is the municipality of sculpture” about the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mansur Yavaş.

Mayor Yavaş, who showed the dinosaur, animal figures and clock sculptures that were placed in many parts of the city in the past administration period to the citizens together with their visuals, also told the story of the sculptures built in Çubuk 1 Dam:

“Let me tell you the reason for 1,5 million sculpture spending that we put in the budget. We will organize a memorial contest to keep the memories of healthcare workers who lost their lives in the Covid-19 process forever, we will not forget, we will not forget. You can also see the articles we wrote about this here. We asked for a jury from the Chamber of Architects, the Chamber of City Planners and the Professional Chambers. There is another monument we are planning. That monument is the Republic Monument to be built in Çaldağı Mevkii on the 100th anniversary of the Republic. We also wrote articles about this. They also see the wooden sculptures made in Çubuk-1 Dam and make fun of them on their own. In the past, these would have been made in China, abnormal money would be paid. Do you know who made these sculptures? A friend of ours who has been working for the municipality for 20 years. He is not a single penny other than the craftsman and his salary. Of course, because they often bring us from China, they think that too, but the people of Ankara have no money to be wasted. They make fun of us because they always allocate money for such plastics or something. Look, who is the municipality of sculpture? Saying that he will plant the world's largest flagpole in Ankara, Gökçek said, we will make 5-meter sculptures at the 50 entrances of the city. God could not. If the Mayor of Mamak was here, I would ask him if you have an objection to this? Huge money was given to all this. In Ankara, you will not see that the people's money is buried and thrown away, and whatever we do we will do for the welfare of the people of Ankara.


Pointing out that the 24-kilometer bicycle road has been completed so far, Mayor Yavaş said, “I am asking at the secondary school level, to AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Murat Köse. There is an easy equation. If one thousand 400 kilometers of bicycle paths are built in two years, how many years is the 53-kilometer bicycle path built? Let me tell you, 75 years ”on the words,“ I want to ask at the primary school level. If a zero kilometer bicycle path is built in 25 years, how many meters of bicycle paths are built in 100 years? Zero… The mileage is obvious, the money spent is obvious. Why has it been in the public opinion so much? Because it was not done in Ankara until today, it was done for the first time. We are also the first and only bike parliament in Turkey, "he replied.


Reminding that ANKAPARK has cost 750 million dollars, Mayor Yavaş explained that after the construction of ANKAPARK, the expert report of the 2nd Civil Court of First Instance has incurred 111 million TL more damage so far, and gave the following information:

“There is information we just learned about ANKAPARK. According to the contract made, there is no rent payment. There is no projected rent for ANKAPARK. Do you know what the rent is? 3 percent of ticket revenue to be sold. There is no other item in the specification. They gave us a guarantee of 26 million 400 thousand liras, saying that this amount of tourist income from the beginning. We made it money. One sixth of the 111 million TL loss as of two months ago. I do not know how much the damage will be until it is delivered to us. Apart from that, there is no item in the specification and it has been closed for how many months. Well, you deliver such high-numbered goods, isn't there a guarantee, friends? Unfortunately not. We just found him according to the specification, he has to take out insurance. Because when you rent it somewhere after 29 years, you say that you will deliver it as it gives. What do you need to do to get this? You have to get a guarantor and take out an insurance. ANKAPARK is not the biggest pile of discarded Ankara Turkey. Who defends and distorts the corruption of this century and who plays three monkeys is a partner of the plague. Account for this should be asked on behalf of Ankara residents. "


Mayor Yavaş, who responded to the criticisms about the social assistance provided by the Metropolitan Municipality, made striking evaluations regarding the social assistance concept:

“The number of people we reached through the 6 Million One Heart Campaign is 519 thousand 868 people. They cannot imagine such a thing. The accustomed people were saying, 'Okay, we helped, you are not hungry or shut up' by carrying out a wholesale tender, taking the pasta, chickpeas, pulses imported from abroad and distributing them to the citizens. They are already taking back the surplus with water money. We are writing history on a new example of municipalism, of social municipality. Everyone who is quarantined during the pandemic period goes home for breakfast and dinner. Again, it has been burdened on 15 thousand children of the family receiving social assistance, there are 15 thousand more demands. 30 GB of internet is uploaded to 10 thousand children per month so that they can study. Free internet access is available to all those in villages who are deprived of their right to education because they do not have internet access. We are now running a campaign. Thanks to God, because our identity and record are clean, people trust them and we participate in our campaigns. Minced meat and roasting were distributed to 160 thousand people in the 'Bon Appetite' campaign, and more than 2,5 thousand iftars were given in 500 days in the 'Give Iftar' campaign. We actually did this, we made people do good without seeing each other. How many people have been paid for water. What they don't understand is, 'Why would a person help without being paid for?' they say. We said good will win. On the other hand, we cooperate with the closed restaurants to help families with approximately 20 thousand covid. "


Mayor Yavaş, also announcing the news that closely concerns the citizens of the capital, pointed out that the loan request for the purchase of the bus has been waiting for approval for a long time even though the parliament has passed, and said:

“As of the end of April, I told the parliament that the loan approval request is standing in front of Mr. Berat Albayrak. You are asking both. During the pandemic period, the municipality is already making a loss of 600 million TL. Friends, we also say that reduce the number of passengers in half, the damage increases. There is no bus. The bus, which was 2010 thousand 2 in 200, is now 400 thousand. We said that this loan is the most urgent loan, it still does not come out of signature. As a result, our new minister has approved our bus loan. Studies have started. Today, we signed a protocol again in the morning. If God permits, we will hopefully meet Ankara with new buses as soon as possible. "


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, for his tender to meet the needs of the capital, while broadcast live by example to Turkey, has reached a record 430 thousand viewers rate the views of the tender.

Slow President stating that more than a thousand auctions and live broadcasts have started the investigation about 53 unpublished tender, "How many auctions the comfort you ask the question in Turkey, we provide live broadcast. The total number of tenders is 1056, the published tender is 1003. The non-live tender is 53. All of them are in a position to be accounted for. "The Inspection Board has been instructed to examine why you did not publish it about 53 unpublished tenders, in violation of the circular."


Mayor Yavaş responded to the question of Murat Köse, the Mayor of Mamak and Deputy Chairman of AK Party Municipal Council Group, asking why the subway promised in Ankara was not built at the November council meeting with the following words:

“The only metro line allowed by us is the Dikimevi-Natoyolu Rail System line. And the metro will be extended to Söğütözü. Apart from these, all of the subway construction has been transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure by the Metropolitan Municipality. We even wanted the Airport Metro, but they said no, we will do it. They said you can only do this. We started too. Mr. Köse doesn't know how the subway is built or anything. The project will be tendered and the loan will be provided. We started all of these. We made the tender for the project on June 6, 2020 and the contract on October 14, 2020. It is impossible not to know. We have also posted on our Social Media accounts. The money I paid to the subway during our tenure was 648 million TL. The debt burden was placed on our backs after the election, after April, 3 billion 48 million TL. While we should have paid 2019 million 10 thousand TL in 258, we paid 123 million TL, 12 times more. Despite all this, we will complete the metro line. "


Press conference ABB TV, where President Yavaş made important statements after the Assembly Meeting, Youtube It was broadcast live on his channel and social media accounts.

While the press conference, where President Yavaş made statements with a detailed presentation, reached the top rank in social media and broke the record of the audience, the press conference, which lasted about 3 hours, was watched by 750 thousand people.



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