Support to Private Public Transport Tradesmen from President Yavaş

President slow support to private public transport trades
President slow support to private public transport trades

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to support the tradesmen and employees, whose workplaces are closed during the pandemic process, by providing cash and food aid, with the understanding of solidarity and social municipality. In line with the decision taken in the Metropolitan Municipality Council, cash support was also provided after the fuel support for private public transportation vehicles that provide public transportation.

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, continues to support all segments of society, especially citizens in need, in difficult times.

During the pandemic period, Mayor Yavaş, who carried out support projects with the understanding of social municipality by not leaving the tradesmen alone as well as the citizens, does not forget the employees of various professions and the tradesmen who closed their workplaces or whose jobs were reduced.

Slow president an example for all of Turkey initiating social solidarity campaigns in Ankara, before the shipper, paper pickers, taxi drivers and while administering income support to servers now found in cash assistance to special public transport providing public transport services in the capital.


Following the decision taken by the Metropolitan Municipality Council, 400 TL daily cash support was given to private public transportation vehicles serving in the center for the first three months, and private public transportation vehicles affiliated to the cooperatives serving in the surrounding districts were provided with a cash support of 120 TL per day.

As the number of passengers decreased due to the coronavirus epidemic, approximately 21 million TL in cash assistance was provided to private public transport tradesmen, whose income decreased and had previously provided fuel support, on December 2020, 10.


Private Public Transport Tradesmen, who started to receive cash assistance covering the dates 18 July-15 October 2020, conveyed their thanks messages to Mayor Yavaş.

In the post made on the official social media account of the Ankara Private Public Bus Tradesmen Chamber, “Our tradesmen, who have had extremely difficult times, have started to receive income support by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We would like to thank our ABB President Mr. Mansur Yavaş, our group deputy chairmen and councilors for making the payments that are lifeline.

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