Permanent Solutions to Transportation, Metro and Traffic Problems in İmamoğlu's 18 Month Period

Permanent solutions to transportation, subway and traffic problems during the monthly period of the imamoglu
Permanent solutions to transportation, subway and traffic problems during the monthly period of the imamoglu

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter coming to power after the June 23 elections, it continued its tradition of giving an account every 6 months. For this purpose, İmamoğlu, who appeared before the public for the third time, gave the account of his 3-month mandate with his actions summarized in 18 articles. While İmamoğlu was summarizing the 18-month balance sheet with slides, his staff of 18 accompanied him on stage.

Speaking about the work they have done so far and will do in the future, İmamoğlu said, “We represent an understanding that accepts accountability to the public in public administration as an honor. Because we know well that those who forgot to give account to the public became dirty after a while and started doing extraordinary deeds to cling to the seats they came from temporarily ”. Addressing the team behind him, İmamoğlu said, “I will not accept any delay or failure in any area for any reason. Not much; you will work non-stop, sweating. "You will serve all 16 million people, regardless of their beliefs, lifestyle, origins and preferences, with an understanding that sees them not even as equal, respected, first-class citizens, but as your own brothers." Sharing interesting information at the meeting, İmamoğlu said, “An investigation order called 'fake' has been initiated regarding the painting of Fatih Sultan Han belonging to the Bellini workshop. This is nothing to envy. We brought the painting to all Turkish people. Hopefully, they close it without being turned into investigation. "This is a tragicomic, anecdotal situation," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluheld its third “accountability” meeting in the 18th month of its coming to office. The press conference titled “18 Months on the Way to Fair, Green and Creative Istanbul” was held at the Haliç Congress Center. Parliamentary CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay, IYI Party Deputy Chairman Berna Sukas, CHP Istanbul Provincial President Canan Kaftancıoğlu, IYI Party Istanbul Provincial Chair Buğra Kavuncu and İmamoğlu's wife Dilek Kaya İmamoğlu also attended the meeting and supported. Many deputies, district mayors and IMM Assembly members were also present at the meeting. The meeting started with a moment of silence for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, his comrades in arms and all the martyrs and the singing of the National Anthem. İmamoğlu took the stage where he was going to make a presentation with a staff of 102 people. Starting his speech by saying "Welcome to the third of our meetings where we give account to 6 million Istanbulites every 16 months," İmamoğlu emphasized that they represent an understanding that accepts being accountable to the public as an honor in public administration. Imamoglu said, "We know well that those who forget to give an account to the public get dirty after a while and engage in undesirable actions to stick to the seats they temporarily come to."


İmamoğlu said, “I would like to remind you briefly from where Istanbul came from in 18 months”.

- 18 months ago Istanbul; it was a city where all subway constructions stopped due to lack of planning and money. Today, Istanbul is a city that has financed all metro lines, started stationary metro constructions, accelerated the construction process, and started the preparation of new projects. Until 18 months ago, an average of 5 kilometers of subway lines could be built annually. This is an average of 25 years. We have provided everything necessary to increase this to 4 floors, that is, 20 kilometers per year underground construction. Now, we only expect and want not to behave with political calculations and not to prevent the process of reaching the metro for the people of Istanbul.

- 18 months ago Istanbul; it was a city where green areas were always at risk of being developed. Enormous green areas are either not regulated at all, or even if only limited, these areas are not made available; it was literally abducted from citizens. Today, Istanbul is a city where millions of square meters of green space such as Kemerburgaz Urban Forest and Atatürk Urban Forest are opened to the public and handed over to the citizens.

- 18 months ago Istanbul; Besiktas, KadıköyIt was a city where floods were experienced in many district centers such as Üsküdar, Bakırköy and Avcılar. Today, these problems have been largely and permanently resolved. The rest will be resolved in 2021.

- 18 months ago Istanbul; Taksim, Bakirkoy, Uskudar, Kadıköy It was an unidentified, unplanned, ugly and dysfunctional city. When you woke up one morning, you could see that the squares were arranged according to the pleasure of the administration. Today, all the big squares of Istanbul are designed with the participation of scientists, national and international designers, urban planning experts and citizens.

- 18 months ago Istanbul; It was a city where you could not see female employees and female executives in buses and subways, city line ships, ISPARKs or even IMM top management. Because women were not given this right. Today, Istanbul is a city where women are selected with competence and work successfully in all these areas and much more.

- 18 months ago, low-income and needy families of Istanbul were suffering from not being able to buy milk for their children. Today, we are bringing Halk Milk free of charge to our 121.116 children home every week. Moreover, we buy those milk from milk producers in Istanbul and offer them a very important support. Just like our farmers, where we distribute millions of free seedlings.

- 18 months ago, mothers of Istanbul with children aged 0-4; He would pay for the bus, the subway, the ferry. Today, our mothers enjoy free public transportation while traveling with their children. 18 months ago, the Metropolitan Municipality did not have a single kindergarten in Istanbul. Today, 15 of our day nurseries are in operation, 10 of them are being completed, and we will put 60 nursery schools into service next year.

- 18 months ago Istanbul; It was a city that didn't care about needy students. Today, we provide education support of 3 lira to tens of thousands of university students and 200 lira to hundreds of thousands of primary school students. We are opening dormitories for our university students.

- 18 months ago Istanbul; It was a city where there was not even a single employment office within the Metropolitan Municipality. Today, with the 8 Regional employment offices we opened, we find jobs for our citizens in these difficult days. Our 4 offices will start serving very soon. To date, despite the pandemic period, we have trained, directed and placed approximately 13 thousand citizens in these offices.

- 18 months ago, Istanbul had very important problems regarding public buses, phaetons, and taxis, and there was no will to solve them. Today, Istanbul is a city where public buses are fully incorporated into IMM and the phaeton problem is solved with the approval of all parties. We will also solve the taxi problem. But we want to be prevented by the reasons everyone knows and sees. Regardless, we will not take a step back on that issue and we will definitely solve that problem together. "

- The earthquake in Istanbul 18 months ago was an issue where local administrators did not take serious concrete steps. Today, we have started damage assessment studies of exactly 2000 buildings built before 790.000, and we have completed 20.000 buildings. We are working harder than ever before in terms of establishing the necessary administrative and physical infrastructure for earthquake preparedness. In the management of a mega city like Istanbul, 18 months is not a long time. Despite this, we have achieved very important and valuable successes in 18 months and took the first steps of a new start in Istanbul in the most solid way. Moreover, we did all this while dealing with the serious economic and social problems caused by the pandemic. "


Reminding that they came to power by saying “A New Beginning to Istanbul”, İmamoğlu emphasized that he was extremely happy with the giant steps they took towards care for the city and respect for people in a short period of 18 months. Saying "I want to return to my entire team with your permission," said İmamoğlu, and used the following statements:

“I invited you to the post based on your past achievements and merits. You joined the big IMM family and took important responsibilities in this success we achieved in a short period of 18 months. I thank each and every one of you. I expect much more from you from now on. Yesterday; We were striving to understand everyone and embrace 16 million. Yesterday; We were looking for solutions to the problems of our city without allowing any services to stop. Fortunately, we have come a long way. But we have to do much more. In order for our city and country to be prepared for those beautiful days, we have to do much more. As a team, we have to make even more sacrifices, find creative new ways and perform successfully. We can have no excuse. I will not accept any delay or failure in any area for any reason. Not much; you will work non-stop, sweating. You will serve all 16 million people, regardless of their beliefs, lifestyle, origins and preferences, not even as equal, respected, first-class citizens, but as your own brothers. You will respect the sub-staff in your team and include them in your processes with an understanding that believes in common sense. If you want to serve this great city, this beloved nation and continue to be a valuable part of my team; this is our poem. "


In his speech, İmamoğlu, who opened a special paragraph for Kanal Istanbul, said, “I would like to warn those concerned about the scourge of Kanal Istanbul, which is intended to be brought down like a dagger to the heart of this beloved city, and has no meaning other than damaging the billions of years of natural structure of our city and its unique history of tens of thousands of years: Do not do this. Please don't betray this city, this nation and this history once again. Istanbul, Istanbul and this beautiful country do not need irrational projects. Istanbul is not an area where you will be politically arm wrestling. Whatever your goal, motivation and interests, it's not worth it. No matter what decision you made, whoever you promised, give up. Stop immediately. This nation will not forgive you neither today nor tomorrow. "We will stand against the construction of Kanal Istanbul, with all the legal means we can, and with the great power we get from the overwhelming majority of 16 million Istanbulites."


Drawing attention to the pandemic process, İmamoğlu made the following call to Istanbulites:

“I have a request from you, my esteemed citizens, for the days when everything will be beautiful: I want you to stay at home if possible and protect yourself. Don't leave the house if you don't have to. If you have to leave the house, please follow the mask, distance and cleanliness rules completely. Protect yourself and our citizens. I know; you bored I know; You want these difficult days to end as soon as possible. It will surely end. Be sure that humanity will be able to defeat this epidemic as well. Those good days will come again when we will meet life again. The pandemic will be extinguished in 2021. We will return to our work, strength, school and life again. We will run our economy again. We will reunite our loved ones and our city. We, as the IMM family, will prepare our cherished city for those days. When you jump out again, we will work for you with dignity and dignity so that you can see an Istanbul with many problems solved. Saint Istanbul will be waiting for you with its parks, squares, activities and natural beauties. Just protect yourself and your family members. Your; I congratulate all my citizens, especially 16 million Istanbul residents, on the New Year. I wish 2021 to bring beauty to you, your loved ones and your children. "


İmamoğlu also shared an interesting information at the meeting. İmamoğlu said, “An investigation order called 'fake' has been initiated regarding the painting of Fatih Sultan Han, which belongs to the Bellini workshop. Answers are requested from us. This is nothing to envy. We have brought the painting to all Turkish people and all our beautiful people. Our friends were subjected to a strange treatment; answers are given. Hopefully, they close it without being turned into investigation. "This is a tragicomic, anecdotal situation," he said.

İmamoğlu summarized the works they have done and will do in 18 different titles in his presentation accompanied by slides. Here are those titles and summaries:


A budget management approach that was completely submerged in debt, the balance of income and expenditure was completely turned upside down, and deviated from waste and favoritism was taken over. After the Kovid-19 storm, a serious saving was directed. The decline in revenues was kept at 9 percent with the announced martial law and appropriate measures taken. While the total revenues were 19,3 billion liras, the expenses were reduced to 24 billion liras with 19,7 percent savings. Despite the staggering effect of the epidemic, success in managing a balanced budget has been demonstrated. 2020 is closed with a massive £ 4,6 billion loan repayment inherited from previous administrations.


As a result of the mistakes of previous administrations, an outsourcing was found for metro constructions, which were made impossible to do with the IMM budget. With the resources found, the construction of 6 metro lines, which were completely stopped by the previous administration, was started. The 18-kilometer Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line was quickly completed and opened to the public on 28 October 2020. The 9-kilometer Cibali-Alibeyköy line of the Alibeyköy-Eminönü tram line will be put into service on January 1, after its opening on January 4. In 2021; The Rumelihisarüstü-Aşiyan funicular, the İkitelli-Bahariye section of the Ataköy-İkitelli metro and the Cibali-Alibeyköy tram line will begin to carry Istanbulites. In 2022, 32,8 rail systems with a total length of 4 kilometers will be put into service.

Announced at the beginning of December and preferred as a new financing tool, the Eurobond issuance provided Istanbul with 580 million dollars of financing to be used in metro construction. With this resource, the construction of 4 more subway lines, whose construction has been stopped altogether, will begin. Turkey, for the first time in its history, will witness the same time even more than 10 different rail construction work. Thus, an average of 20 kilometers of rail system will be built annually. This figure will correspond to 4 times more than the annual average of previous administrations. All of the 10 metro lines, whose construction has been started, will be completed by 2024 and 2025.

With all lines coming into service, Istanbul's rail system network will increase to 360 kilometers in total. Apart from the 10 lines in question, the preliminary project and feasibility revision works of the İncirli-Sefaköy-Beylikdüzü metro line will be completed in 2021 and the tender will be launched. The feasibility studies of the "Hızray" project, which will pass under the Bosphorus and integrate with 12 metro lines and allow approximately 1 million Istanbul citizens to travel from one end of the city to the other in 55 minutes, will be completed in the second half of 2021.

With the 3 private public buses included in IETT, the service standard will increase and support will be given to tradesmen during the Kovid period. 41 new buses will be purchased and put into service quickly so that Istanbulites can benefit from transportation in a healthier and more comfortable environment.

In order to increase the share of the sea in transportation, 2020 new voyages were added to the City Lines tariff in 49. In 2021, 89 additional flights are planned. As of January; 2 new sea route lines, 1 of which are Bosphorus and 3 Golden Horn line, will be put into operation. In order to provide uninterrupted access to the islands and the mainland, 24-hour ferry services were launched to the district.

At the Haliç Shipyard, which started production again, the maintenance and repair works of a total of 24 ships, 45 of which are City Lines, have been completed. In this way, an added value of over 50 million lira was produced. In 2021, 50 sea taxi vehicles will be built and put into service.

In order to improve the quality of the taxis and the personal rights of the driver tradesmen, the initiatives to bring 5000 new taxis to the city will continue.


- In 2020; A 17-kilometer road, 8 pedestrian overpasses, 3 metro overpasses and a 17,3-kilometer bicycle path have been completed. In 2021, 20 kilometers of roads, 15 intersections, 24 stream bridges, 39 pedestrian overpasses and 26,3 kilometers of bicycle paths will be completed.

- In 2020; 4 parking lots with 982 thousand 13 vehicles were completed and put into service. 10 car parks with 655 thousand 23 vehicles will start serving in 2021.

- The construction of Arnavutköy Public Bread Production Facility with a daily capacity of 800 thousand bread is progressing rapidly.

- 2 mosques whose construction has been completed and 5 more mosques that will be built will be opened to worship in 2021. Maintenance, repair and regular cleaning services will continue in 41 historical mosques and 16 cem houses, including Sultanahmet and Sülaymaniye.

- The first phase of the Seymen Landfill Gas Power Generation Facility, which is the world's largest facility in energy production from landfill gas, was completed and put into service in a short period of time, with corporate equity. 4 transfer stations and 2 new energy facilities in Kemerburgaz will be put into service in 2021.

- İSKİ turned the pandemic process into an opportunity and completed 41 drinking water and wastewater projects. 5 projects were brought to the completion stage. With these studies; Besiktas, KadıköyDecades of flooding persecution in Üsküdar, Pendik, Bakırköy and Avcılar districts has been ended. With the rainwater tunnels brought to the finishing stage; The flooding persecution in the districts of Bayrampaşa, Esenler, Güngören and Zeytinburnu will be ended in March. 15 water projects that started this year will be completed in 2021.

- İGDAŞ has completed 309 kilometers of natural gas infrastructure. In many neighborhoods, problems that could not be solved for years have been solved and the number of subscribers has been increased to 6,8 million.


Both as a result of climate change as well as the manic concretion, the years 2019-20 was a drought year for Turkey and Istanbul. As of the beginning of this week, the occupancy rate in Istanbul dams has decreased to 21 percent. In addition to the dams, the city is supplied with water from the regulators in Melen, Yeşilçay and Istrancalar. Due to the process, a very economical period has begun in water use. Taking into account all these developments and the warnings of the scientific world, IMM signed the "Climate Action Plan" at the C-40 meeting held in Copenhagen. Within the scope of transforming the city into a green city and enabling people to have active green spaces, more than 2020 million square meters of green space was developed in 4. In 2021, active green space projects of nearly 10 million square meters will begin, multiplying this figure.


- Within the scope of the "Yuvam Istanbul" project, which started with the slogan "150 kindergartens in 150 neighborhoods", 15 kindergartens were completed and put into service for children. 10 new slots are running out; Construction of 10 new nests will begin. When all the kindergartens are finished, a total of 35 nurseries will be opened. So; 150 percent of the targeted 60 kindergartens will be reached by 2021.

- The first student dormitory with a capacity of 198 students was completed in Beyoğlu Örnektepe. 3 new dormitories that are under construction in Bağcılar Yenimahalle, Üsküdar Çengelköy and Küçükçekmece Atakent will be completed in 2021.

- "Special Needs Education Center - ÖZGEM" in Başakşehir Kayabaşı was opened on December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

- ISMEKs are restructured according to the needs of 16 million. In 2020, new İSMEK buildings were opened in 2 districts. New buildings will come into service in 3 districts. At ISMEKs, where face-to-face education was suspended due to Kovid, 275 thousand Istanbul residents were given distance education.

- By means of 8 “Regional Employment Offices” opened in different districts, 3 companies were cooperated with and 697 citizens were found jobs.

- "Youth Offices" started to serve at 15 points where young people between the ages of 29 and 4 can receive training and support for their personal development and employment. 4 new Youth Offices will be opened soon.


In 2020; 3 sports complexes, 2 athletics tracks and indoor sports halls of 10 schools were completed. The facilities were put into service. In 2021; 4 sports facilities will be put into service, including 3 large sports complexes, 24 athletics tracks, swimming pools, stadiums, camps and indoor sports halls to be built in 48 schools. Sports organizations are held with the vision of making Istanbul an Olympic city with the active participation of citizens. Morning sports organizations started to be held in 29 parks, gardens and squares in 67 districts, on 8 ferry voyages. The goal in 2021 will be to organize sports events in 200 different locations.


- As soon as the pandemic process started, strong disinfection teams were established under the name of "Mobile Hygiene Fleet", consisting of personnel who have the certificate of the Ministry of Health.

- The "IMM Scientific Advisory Board" was established in order to follow the course of the epidemic both in our country and in the world, to carry out studies based on scientific evidence, and to receive consultancy services at the point of combating the virus when necessary.

- İSTAÇ A.Ş. It established a disinfectant production facility to meet the needs of both IMM and the public. Boğaziçi Yönetim A.Ş. has started the work to supply 28 million masks to meet the urgent needs of Istanbulites.

- From the first day of the epidemic; Resources were mobilized for comprehensive and continuous disinfection activities throughout the city, especially in public transportation vehicles, stops, stations, IMM, subsidiary buildings, hospitals, public buildings, schools and places of worship of all faiths.

- With the "We Will Succeed Together" campaign, action was taken to provide food support to families in need. Free accommodation, food and public transportation services were provided to healthcare professionals, on average, 5 million 85 thousand 862 times a month. Home health services such as home doctor examination, nursing care, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, household and personal cleaning were provided to 326 thousand 15 Istanbul residents with 537 personnel.

- 45 religious officials, including priest, priest, rabbi, Alevi grandfather, Shafii and Jafari imams, and gasilhane officers were assigned for the funeral of citizens of different faith groups.


A total of 3,6 million vegetable seedlings, procured from producers in Manisa, Antalya, Mersin, Adana and Yalova, were distributed to 9 farmers in 701 districts of the city. The project that will support beekeeping activities in Şile was launched. For farmers to sell their products to citizens without intermediaries, historical Kadıköy Producer and Cooperative Market was established in Tuesday Market. Agricultural cooperatives outside of Istanbul were also given the opportunity to benefit from the same place. A similar market will open on the European side in 2021. Within the scope of the "Halk Süt" project, a contract was signed with the Istanbul Cattle Breeders Association, and so far, 7,9 million units of 1 liter milk have been distributed free of charge to children in need. A "Fisheries Processing and Evaluation Facility" was established in Gürpınar Fisheries Market to increase the added value of fishery products.


- Within the scope of combating urban poverty, the social assistance budget was quadrupled last year to ensure that Istanbul is a fair city. This budget grew with the campaigns and the tools developed, and in 4, nearly 2020 million households were supported.

- Important steps have been taken towards urban justice with reduced transportation opportunities, water discounts and other applications.

- In order to ensure equality of opportunity among children living in the city, the distribution of tablets with internet access started to students in need. Preparations continue to distribute tablets to more than 2021 children in 40.


Comprehensive and decisive steps are being taken to prepare the city with effective coordination against the earthquake, which is the biggest threat. Meetings and meetings are held with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to form a "Working Board" and to establish a "Istanbul Earthquake Council" in order to share responsibility against earthquakes among all stakeholders in the state and society. As of the beginning of 2020, the “Urban Transformation Desk” has been established within the body of IMM as a basis for opening the way to obtaining information and ensuring citizen participation in urban transformation projects. In urban transformation, disaster risk-oriented urban transformation strategies are determined with the participation of IMM Department of Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement, İmar A.Ş., KİPTAŞ, BİMTAŞ and Istanbul Planning Agency in order to approach 39 districts with a holistic perspective. For this purpose; Damage assessment studies started for 2000 buildings built before 790.000 across Istanbul. So far, work has been completed in 20.000 buildings. Work on the remaining 770.000 buildings will be finished by the end of 2022.

The missing micro-zoning studies were initiated in Çatalca, Küçükçekmece, Büyükçekmece, Esenyurt and Beylikdüzü districts. 8 "Urban Transformation Offices", which serve within the scope of urban transformation projects in Bayrampaşa, Eyüpsultan, Sultangazi, Şişli and Kağıthane, were opened. Until today, 4.204 beneficiaries have been interviewed. Ataşehir Deniz Gezmiş Earthquake Park and Zeytinburnu Topkapı Earthquake Park were completed. In 2021, new projects in the field of earthquake preparedness and urban transformation will be accelerated. Within the scope of the financing needs of urban transformation projects, we will support the rapid transformation of the risky building stock in the city by developing the "IMM Financing and Guarantee System".


- Assignments were made for Istanbul's earthquake preparation and urban transformation projects to be handled and completed rapidly. In this context; The administrative, financial and legal problems of the 3 projects, which consist of 3.183 independent sections in 3 districts, were resolved, and their construction was stopped. 2 urban transformation projects consisting of 2.607 independent sections in 2 districts were completed and delivered to their beneficiaries. The urban transformation project, which consists of 3 independent sections in 1.425 districts, will begin in 2021.

- KİPTAŞ, which manages urban transformation projects, was a privileged institution with TOKİ powers in the previous administrations. KİPTAŞ, whose privileges have been taken away, continues to work much more actively in urban transformation projects. KİPTAŞ develops new financing models that will bring minimum cost to citizens in transformation projects, although public banks are not financed.

- With the hand of KİPTAŞ acting with the understanding that "living well is everyone's right"; Silivri 1.520rd Stage Social Housing, consisting of 3 houses, independent sections, schools and mosques, was completed and handed over to their beneficiaries. Pendik Yeşilce Aydos Social Residences, which consist of 331 independent sections, have also been completed and met with beneficiaries. The sales campaign of Silivri 1.446th Stage Social Houses, which consists of 4 independent units, was completed and the construction started. This place will be delivered to the rights holders in June 2022. The Tuzla Social Housing Project, which consists of 150 independent sections, will begin in 2021.


Efforts were made to raise Istanbul as a creative city and to attract talent, entrepreneurship, capital and visitors from Turkey and abroad. New, inclusive and permanent structures such as Istanbul Tourism Platform, Istanbul Investment Agency and Istanbul Culture and Art Platform were created. Through these structures; Planning studies have been initiated to plan events that will appeal to Istanbulites and world citizens of all colors and shades. Instead of stopping during the epidemic period, many events were moved to online platforms and millions of Istanbul residents were reached in this way. In this context; All concerts given by the CRR Symphony Orchestra were broadcast online. City Theaters, which rapidly renewed its repertoire, introduced 16 new plays to art lovers in "online" and "offline" environments.

“” and “” portals were launched for Istanbul's event agenda. Due to the pandemic, open-air event venues have been created all over the city. More than 1.000 culture and arts programs that were held digitally were watched by approximately 13 million people. In the summer, concerts, children's events and theater performances were held in different parts of Istanbul at the end of each week. Mobile culture and art centers were provided with mobile vehicles named “Sahnebüs” and “Sinebüs”.


The IMM Heritage team was established in 2020 in order to preserve and transfer the historical values ​​of Istanbul to future generations. Many cultural assets were regained to Istanbul by carrying out maintenance and restoration works on hundreds of historical sites with IMM's own resources. In addition to these, restoration projects of many historical and touristic assets have been completed and applications have been initiated. 100 different cultural heritage and historical artifacts whose restoration has started will be brought to Istanbul in 2021.


Important projects were carried out in 2020 regarding stray animals, which are the lifestyles of people. In order to put an end to the horse-drawn carriage practice, which is the bleeding wound of the Islands, 1.179 horses were purchased and replaced by electric vehicles. Kemerburgaz Stray Animal Temporary Nursing Home, where 7 days, 24 hours of team and treatment units are located, was completed and put into service. With the smart phone application "SemtPati", the project that protects the dogs living on the street by recording them and allowing them to be fed was started.


“The governance responsibility of this city belongs not only to us, but to everyone living in this city. For this reason, we came up with the promise that we will govern Istanbul in a transparent manner, with the participation of everyone, with common sense, and put forward the claim to be "the most democratic mayor of Istanbul ever". In this context; The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan was prepared with the participation of hundreds of thousands of Istanbulites. The area in Florya, which was used as the presidential residence for many years by previous administrations, has been transformed into the Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) Campus. On the campus; My new units such as Public Design Office, Istanbul Statistical Office, Vision 2050 Office, Institute Istanbul and Istanbul Investment Agency were positioned.

The campus, yet in the first year, Turkey's first and the world has become one of the most important centers of local democratic practices. Through this center; In 18 months, by organizing numerous workshops attended by thousands of experts, academics, professionals from different sectors, bureaucrats and tens of thousands of citizens, every mechanism that would reach a common mind was activated. IPA also undertook the moderation of national and international competitions that will enable Istanbul to reach its squares in order to reveal local democracy and creativity. It will be the first in our country in terms of democratic participation and calls for Participatory Budget Implementation will be initiated as of June.


- Through the Information Technologies Office; Innovative and life-facilitating projects were implemented in many areas. The "Open Data Portal" was put into service in order to present the data published by IMM and its environmental organizations online to the service of the academic world and the real sector and to share them transparently.

- With the established online platforms, training activities were carried out, faster and higher quality technological services were provided to citizens. With various artificial intelligence applications, data center, fiber and redundancy infrastructures are getting stronger day by day.

- The test phase for the “Istanbul Your” application, which will accelerate the digital transformation in Istanbul and integrate the widely used mobile and web applications with the Istanbul card payment system on a single platform, is about to complete. With the unanimous decision taken by the IMM Council in August, the job of “Istanbul Is Yours” was tendered. The management of the project, with the revenue sharing model, is the subsidiary company UGETAM A.Ş. claimed. This platform, whose beta tests continue, will also be a new generation democracy platform where Istanbul residents can actively participate in administrative decisions and convey their opinions to the management.

- Free Wi-Fi service is used by approximately 7,829 million people annually at 4 access points. Considering the urgent needs during earthquakes and disasters, it continues in contact with the relevant units of the state in order to open the metro lines, where an average of 2 million citizens travel daily, to double-sided free internet access.


2020 has been a year where waste was seriously ended and significant savings were achieved. The total amount of savings achieved in IMM and its affiliates reached 24 percent of the previous year's budget.

During this period, files regarding various irregular and wrong works done in previous periods started to be opened. Investigators are working on over 40 serious files. As these files become clear, they will be shared with the public and legal proceedings will begin regarding those who do wrong.

A number of problematic transactions, such as the destruction of a large number of files, deletion of the traces of unlawful transactions in some files, especially in the period when the report was delayed and between two elections, were detected. The traces of these transactions that have been tried to be closed will be followed knot by knot, and every penny spent unjustly and illegally will be asked to account. The legal struggle will continue to protect the rights of 16 million against the efforts to prevent it. In this context; It was intervened and won for the transfer of the bus station to IMM. Legal action was taken for the cancellation of the tender for Haydarpaşa-Sirkeci Station and the evacuation of Galata Tower. Necessary lawsuits were filed for the cancellation of the Airports Passenger Transport Circular and the Metropolitan Municipalities Coordination Centers Regulation. A judgment was also made against the Channel Istanbul Plan and the EIA Report and the circular preventing donations.


- The "Leadership Development Program", which will train future public managers, has been designed and started to be implemented. The recruitment process was implemented as a completely merit-based and transparent process. Some affiliate companies were under a bid ban due to their 662 million lira total tax debt when they took office. With the strategies developed by the professional administrations established here, some of the debts were paid and the remaining part was structured. Thus, all companies of IMM became able to enter the tenders again. In this way, the business volume of 7 billion liras was kept within the group.

- With the “proactive management philosophy”, the daily production at Halk Ekmek during the pandemic period was increased to a record level with 1 million 250 breads. This figure will be increased to 1,5 million in the coming days.

- 2019 companies, which were in loss in the first 11 months of 9, made a profit in the same period of 2020. In the first 2020 months of 11, the profitability of affiliate companies increased by 24 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 981 million TL.

- which measures the performance of companies in Turkey in accordance with certain criteria and showing its place in the national competition "Turkey Fortune 500" list, this year took place from 6 of IMM company. The goal will be to ensure that 10 to 15 affiliate companies grow and become profitable to be included in this list.

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