Attention to Unhealed Throat Infection!

Pay attention to uncorrected throat infection
Pay attention to uncorrected throat infection

Otorhinolaryngology Specialist Associate Professor Yavuz Selim Yıldırım gave information about the subject. If there is a throat infection that does not improve despite antibiotic treatment, Pfapa disease should come to mind.

The disease, which progresses in the form of sore throat, aphthae in the mouth, high fever, pharyngitis and lymphadenitis, usually begins with high fever and appears as sore throat and weakness. Fever is seen more than normal throat infections. In other words, fever can reach 40 ° -41 °, The cultures are negative and there is no response to the antibiotic treatment given. Some children may have febrile convulsions during this time. In other words, they can have a seizure attack.

The disease is generally more common in boys. They have more attacks between the ages of 2-6, especially in the spring and summer months. In fact, when they go to the hospital with a sore throat, fever, aphthae in the mouth, all doctors usually give antibiotic treatment, but the antibiotic treatment is not responded.

Since this disease does not have a specific laboratory finding, it is not understood from the examinations performed. It should be diagnosed separately with other diseases. It is necessary to go to a differential diagnosis with a history of physical examination and this disease should be considered. In this case, the patient gets a dramatic response between 2-6 hours with cortisone treatment, and the fever decreases, the patient is relieved. Repeated cortisone treatments cause more frequent attacks of this disease. For this, cortisone treatment is not recommended much, but cortisone treatment for diagnosis. takes an important place.

In this group of patients, doctors often go around with doctors and cannot respond to the antibiotic treatments given. In other words, they have received antibiotic treatment for nothing.

The exact cause of Pfapa disease is unknown, but the cause is thought to be a disorder related to the immune system. In the studies conducted on its treatment, it is generally recommended to remove tonsils and adenoid as the gold standard treatment. After this surgery, attacks stop and the immune system is regulated.

In fact, this disease can be seen in both genders and all age groups. In order to be remembered, it is necessary to consider this disease if there is swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck, fever, weakness, difficulty swallowing, along with wounds in the mouth, so it is not only seen in children.

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