İmamoğlu: 'Our Original Vehicles in the Islands will be put into service in 2021'

Our original vehicles will also be put into service on imamoglu islands
Our original vehicles will also be put into service on imamoglu islands

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, taking his staff with him, toured the streets of Adalar step by step. Emphasizing that they want to maintain a 25-30 year period in which general problems will not be talked about in the Islands, İmamoğlu said, “In the past, there have been some environments where victims have been caused by political attitudes. Unfortunately, I am a witness to this. As the Municipality of Adalar and the Metropolitan Municipality, we will make a service agreement that has some institutional consistency, not stepping on each other's feet, entangling feet or personal decisions of the individual."

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, devoted most of his work today to Büyükada and Burgazada. İBB top management accompanied İmamoğlu during his visit to the Islands, along with the Secretary General Can Akın Çağlar, with a full staff. Transferring to Büyükada Anadolu Club for the first time, İmamoğlu attended the meeting of the “Adalar Strategy Document Short-Term Action Plan”. The meeting started with the detailed presentation of IMM District Municipalities Coordinator Tonguç Çoban, consisting of 9 main items. After Shepherd, Mayor of Islands Erdem Gul took the floor. Gül stated that they want to make restorations that will change the face of the Islands and to implement projects that will not damage the historical and natural structure.


İmamoğlu made his assessment of his visit to the Islands at the departure point of IETT electric vehicles, after the examination he made at the service building to be opened by IMM in the Islands. Stating that Adalar has the most different location among 39 districts of Istanbul, İmamoğlu said:

“The population is maybe very reasonable; but it has many values ​​with its past, values, history and culture. The culture of living together, people who added value here in the past, have a completely different advantage from literature to art, from state people to many concepts. We value this place very much. In the last year, we have accomplished some life-changing works; there are visible, there are invisible. The visible part is perhaps the phaeton-related change here. Hopefully, our vehicles unique to the Islands will be fully operational at the end of 2021. These vehicles will undergo a change. There is also the invisible part; infrastructure. We will have investments regarding treatment here, in 2021, by İSKİ. "


Noting that they wanted to live a period in which general problems would not be discussed for 25-30 years in the Islands, İmamoğlu said, “In the past, there were some environments in which victimization was experienced through political attitudes. Unfortunately, I have witnessed this. In order not to happen from now on, we will make a serious service agreement, as Adalar Municipality and Metropolitan Municipality, we will make a service agreement with a corporate consistency, not on each other's feet, without getting tangled in each other or on the personal decisions of the individual. For the first time, we opened the coordination of the Metropolitan Municipality. We are starting the renovations of the buildings. We are working on a synchronous master plan focused on culture, art, history and tourism. I talked to my friends; Hopefully in January 2021, we will put a 3-year plan in front of us and share this with the citizens; That is to say, "What will we do in the Islands, what we will add to service". Our Mayor, we, we all will follow from there. "We will send it to the district governor, to the police, to the political party leaders here, to the civil society here so that they follow us."


Stating that the Islands will turn into a very colorful life and a very charming area of ​​Istanbul after the pandemic process is over, İmamoğlu said, “This is a world heritage site. Istanbul is already the most beautiful city in the world. But even those Islands, take it and give it to a city of the world, that alone is enough. We are proud to have such a valuable position. We will pay for it now ”he said. İmamoğlu made field visits in Büyükada after his evaluations. İmamoğlu, who visited the barns where the horses rescued from the cruelty they had suffered after the phases were lifted, was welcomed by the police on horseback. Wishing success to the women's equestrian police unit, which started to work for the first time within the body of IMM, İmamoğlu toured the stables, some of which were converted into İETT maintenance and repair workshops.


Turkey Fethi history of the politics of personality Okyar protects bearing the name İmamoğlu visitors, met with the family of famous politicians. İmamoğlu, a pleasant sohbetAfter, he made examinations at Taş Mektep, one of the symbolic structures of Büyükada, which was restored by IMM. İmamoğlu gave the order to complete the work on the structure in question as soon as possible. IMM Deputy Secretary General Mahir Polat shared with İmamoğlu that the work in the field will be completed within 1 year. İmamoğlu completed the Büyükada tour with the Taş Mektep study and went to Burgazada by boat. İmamoğlu visited the fire brigade, police station and Adalar Cemevi respectively in Burgazada. İmamoğlu, who also visited tradesmen, answered questions from citizens. Listening to the problems of the tradesmen and citizens, İmamoğlu fulfilled their photo-taking requests.

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