New Year's Message from TCDD General Manager Uygun

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In these days as we leave 2020 behind, I greet you with the most sincere feelings.

According to the common opinion of the whole world, the year 2020 will be in our memories as a difficult year for all of us.

Due to the epidemic that affects every part of our lives, we had to change many of our habits, especially our social life.

So much so that we could not come together with them to protect the health of our family and loved ones.

Of course, one of the profession groups that experienced the most difficulties in this process was our healthcare workers who fought the epidemic at the forefront, as we all know. On behalf of our Institution, I would like to express my gratitude once again to our healthcare professionals who work devotedly in a busy working tempo and have to live separately from their families.

At this stage, we implemented our Social Support Service project to support our employees during the pandemic process. A large number of our employees have benefited from this project, which was initiated in order to protect against pandemics and to support those who got sick in this process.

Although we made some restrictions in our own lives, all railroaders continued to serve with heart and soul. Fulfilling their duties with great determination and effort made our colleagues working at every level enabled us to achieve success as a sector. During the pandemic, we did not experience any difficulties in new road construction, maintenance services and operation. In this way, we got one step closer to the goals we set on the way to serve our nation. The railwaymen's shoulders Turkey's exports, our industrialists, exporters was our lifeline. In short, the pandemic could not stop our railways and railroaders.

As we leave 2020 behind, we are happy to witness how our projects, which have been implemented one by one as a result of the railway investments made in the last 18 years, have revived our railways.

Our railways from Turkey to China to train by exploiting mutual We are pleased to witness that he has achieved great success in the international arena.

Railways will continue to work day and night to serve our nation as a whole, tirelessly, as it has been until today. I would like to thank my dear colleagues who worked 365 hours a day, 24 days a year to turn the wheel.

I wish 2021 to bring peace and happiness to every individual, our nation and all humanity.

On this occasion, I congratulate all of our people on the New Year once again and offer my love and greetings ...

Günceleme: 31/12/2020 16:08

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