New New Year Circular from Ministry of Interior: Banned Foreign Tourists!

Coronavirus measures will be strictly monitored on the new year
Coronavirus measures will be strictly monitored on the new year

The Ministry of Interior sent a circular on Street, Boulevard and Square Measures to 81 Provincial Governorships. The curfew restrictions on weekends will also cover this weekend and New Year's Eve.

In the Circular, it was reminded that it was decided to apply the curfew on weekends from 31:2020 on Thursday, December 21.00, 4 to 2021:05.00 on Monday, January XNUMX, XNUMX, including this weekend, including New Year's Eve.

In the Circular; It was stated that the security measures to be taken and the precautions taken before and after New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve and after were determined and reported to the governorships. In this context, it was noted that in order not to disrupt the fight against the Kovid 19 epidemic, it was also noted that the instructions should not be allowed to celebrate New Year's Eve, which would cause the crowds to come together in an uncontrolled manner.

In the Circular, in an environment where many measures are applied to ensure social isolation; tourist in Turkey to temporarily scope of activities and emphasized therefore that the actions of exempt foreign tourists from restrictions curfew epidemic spread of the shading of the success achieved in reducing and quite important in terms of causing the weakness of perception in the fight against the epidemic.

In this context, from 31:2020 on Thursday, December 21.00, 1 to 2021:10.00 on Friday, January 15, XNUMX; Strangers to streets, boulevards or squares with symbolic features in provincial and district centers, identified with cities or known as celebration / gathering areas (such as İstiklal Caddesi and Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul, July XNUMX Kızılay National Will Square in Ankara, Gündoğdu Square in İzmir) All entries, including tourists, will be restricted.

Public notifications regarding the restrictions will be made on time and physical security measures will be taken to prevent people from entering these places during the restriction period.

During the limited period on the specified streets, boulevards or squares, events where foreign tourists can come together will not be allowed.

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