Monumental Trees in Izmir are Protected

Monument trees were taken under protection in Izmir
Monument trees were taken under protection in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality helped 950-year-old trench tree, which was treated in Menemen Çaltı, to hold on to life. The Metropolitan Municipality, which took 50 registered trees under protection last year, including centuries-old plane trees, saved 64 more trees from the threat of extinction this year.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which works to protect and maintain monumental trees and transfer them to future generations, this time handed over a tree in Menemen. According to the legend, the tree in Çaltı Mahallesi, which was planted by 950 brothers living in the village 7 years ago, was rescued when it was rotting due to intense damage over the years. Also in Kemalpaşa district, 500 plane trees of 6 years, which are said to have been planted by the Turkmen grandfather Hamzababa near Hamzababa Tomb, and 750 years old plane tree in Aliağa district were also restored.

16 monumental trees were taken under protection in 64 districts

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which took 50 registered trees under protection last year, this year, Aliağa, BayraklıHe left 64 trees in the districts of Bergama, Dikili, Foça, Kemalpaşa, Menemen, Bornova, Bayındır, Menderes, Ödemiş, Selçuk, Tire, Torbalı, Urla, Beydağ, which are centuries-old sycamore, oak, teal and witch hazel, to future generations. Within the scope of the maintenance and restoration of monumental plane trees, the rotten or decayed parts are treated and the dangerous parts are made safe.

How are centuries-old trees protected?

Metropolitan Municipality teams intervene on centuries-old monumental trees that have been attacked many times by insects in cavities and wounds and need care, first cleaning the damage caused by insects. The dead tissues in the bodies are removed and scraping is done to reach the living tissue. As in the treatment of dental caries, decay and dead tissues are removed; Special fillings are applied that ensure the plant's longevity and contain precautions against rot. The open cavities on the tree surface are also covered with stainless nails, wire and water-based special alloy in an airtight manner and the body texture is protected.

After the tree is sterilized with Bordeaux slurry and preservative, the dried branches are pruned, cared for and fertilized. In order not to renew the damaging processes, the maintenance and spraying of the trees is repeated every year for winter and summer. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams pruning the main branches that will experience static instability, prepare static protection in the form of tension with steel wires for branches that may break in the wind.

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