Mersin People Set Color of New Environment Friendly Buses

Mersin residents set color for new environmentally friendly buses
Mersin residents set color for new environmentally friendly buses

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality aims to provide better service to citizens by expanding its public transportation vehicle fleet under the leadership of Mayor Vahap Seçer. In vehicle preferences, both quality is taken into consideration and nature is protected by being environmentally friendly. The people of Mersin, who bought the environmentally friendly CNG buses, will soon provide transportation to the people of Mersin.

Metropolitan, before the city buses took their place in the city traffic, the citizens made a survey of 5 alternative colors. Information was given via SMS and social media for the participation of the citizens in the survey. Among the 60 thousand 874 people participating in the survey, 31 thousand 5 people chose the yellow striped bus color. The color of the famous lemons of Mersin will be reflected in the busses, and the new city buses will make a splash with their yellow.

In the responses to the questionnaire, full yellow buses ranked second with 6, and red buses ranked third with 304.

Mersin residents determined the color of new buses

Metropolitan's “We buy brand new buses that will suit Mersin, we leave the choice of colors to the people of Mersin. Make your choice, choose the color of our new buses! " The questionnaire, which he recently organized with the title, was presented to the participation of all people of Mersin. Citizens, Metropolitan Municipality He participated in the questionnaire published on his address until 8 December and made the choice of the color he wanted. In the survey in which turquoise, green, blue, yellow and red colors were included, the yellow striped bus option came first with a rate of 50.9%.

"Eco-friendly buses will save half on fuel"

Stating that fuel savings will also be achieved with the newly purchased environmentally friendly buses, President Seçer said, “We will expand the public transportation service by purchasing our new buses. It will be an economical and safe transportation service. Flight cancellations will not occur and passengers will not be victims. In the Covid process, flights will be more frequent and we will reduce the negative effects of the pandemic in this way. Maintenance and repair costs are natural and will be less in new buses. Fuel will be saved. That is to say, we have to pay 252 million 64 thousand 156 lira for diesel per year for 956 public transportation buses. However, if these vehicles are powered by natural gas, we will have to pay 30 million 890 thousand 386 liras for fuel. Our annual savings on fuel alone will be 33 million 266 thousand 570 TL ”.

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