Last Minute: Fahrettin Koca Made Striking Statements About Coronavirus Vaccine and Measures

husband evaluated the measures and the latest situation regarding coronavirus
husband evaluated the measures and the latest situation regarding coronavirus

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made a statement after the Scientific Committee Meeting. Highlights from Health Minister Koca's speech;

Our habits have changed with the epidemic, there have been innovations in all our lives, I am aware that it is painful.

There has been a rapid increase since the second half of October. There have been increases exceeding 100% in many of our provinces. Our hospitals intensive care units have started to have difficulty in lifting the burden.

It tries to explain the uncontrolled increase in cases in England with the mutation of the virus.

By making individual evaluations in our provinces, local facilities were mobilized, intensive care capacities were increased rapidly, we experienced a period of widespread contact follow-up in motorized teams as well as increasing the number of filiation teams.

We followed our meetings with our governors and provincial health administrators to share with the public. The daily number of cases decreased by 66 percent in Gaziantep, Tekirdağ, Bursa, İzmir 60 percent, Trabzon, Adana 50 percent, Kayseri Kocaeli 45 percent, Antalya 30 percent and Mersin 30 percent. While there was a significant decrease in the number of cases in Istanbul, this reflected 50 percent in outpatient clinic admissions and 20 percent in intensive care.

disease care measures by taking into account all the developments in Turkey since the beginning of the epidemic area is one of the earliest countries. We thus delaying the entry of the virus in Turkey 3 months.

Our regular investigations on mutations have also continued. Be of good cheer, even if the virus is transmitted faster, measures are still our most effective weapon.

I know that the subject you are most curious about today is the vaccine. With each passing day, new and incomplete or unfounded news about the vaccine is spread. Once again, I would like to explain why we prefer Inactivated vaccine.

Purposeful vaccination is not performed for the first time with this type of vaccine. This is a method we have experienced before and we are sure of its benefit.

However, 2 vaccine candidates in our country have reached the stage of human experiments. Similarly, our virus-like particle-based vaccine is at the stage of human experimentation.

I think one of the most curious issues is when the vaccine will come. Since the beginning of clinical studies that have an impact on our people in Turkey, we declare that we want to use a vaccine has been shown. We have tried to wait for the concrete results of the work of the vaccine we preferred and act accordingly.

Phase 3 clinical trials of the inactive vaccine in our country continue successfully. The study was progressing very rapidly on the days when the number of cases was high. Because it is monitored whether the vaccinated volunteers will get the disease whether they are vaccinated with the actual vaccine or with the place vaccine.

Chinese authorities have complete approval for vaccines to be sent to Turkey. If nothing goes wrong, the vaccines hit the road on the night that connects Sunday to Monday. The effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine is 91,25 percent

We had a very tiring and exhausting year. I believe that today, as a nation, it will be the harbinger of our transition from this time of narrowness to days of width. I wish these good news to be beneficial for our nation and humanity.

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