IZSU Subscription Transactions Can Now Be Made From e-Government

Izsu subscription transactions can now be done from the e-government
Izsu subscription transactions can now be done from the e-government

IZSU General Directorate has added a new one to the applications that will make life easier. Izmir residents will now be able to complete their subscription transactions via e-Government in a shorter time without going to branches.

People of İzmir can now make their water subscription transactions via the e-Devlet platform. There was no need to go to İZSU branches to make transactions with the project implemented. The system provides convenience for those who want to perform their transactions in a digital environment.

How will subscription transactions be done with e-Government?

In order to make water subscription transactions online via e-Devlet, first of all, it is necessary to log into the e-Devlet portal. After logging into the system with TR ID number and password http://www.turkiye.gov.tr/izmir-su-ve-kanalizasyon-idaresi-genel-mudurlugu You can perform subscription transactions, unsubscribe and invoice information inquiries via the link. It is important that there is no debt information for subscriptions for which name change or cancellation is applied.

The result of the application can be followed again on e-Government. After the approval process is completed, the applicant must approve the subscription agreement and deposit the security deposit. After the payment is made, the water of the subscriber is opened by İZSU teams as soon as possible. If there is a cancellation process, the termination process is completed by removing the subscriber's counter. Afterwards, the subscriber's deposit is returned by the General Directorate of IZSU and the transaction is terminated.

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