Istanbul Earthquake Exercise by Gendarmerie Teams

Istanbul earthquake practice from gendarmerie teams
Istanbul earthquake practice from gendarmerie teams

The Istanbul earthquake preparation exercise, carried out with the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) personnel working in the earthquake zones and detector dogs, took breath away. The teams performing exercises for the earthquake did not find the truth with the drone.

The earthquake search and rescue exercise performed by the Istanbul Gendarmerie Commando Regiment Command staff did not look like the truth. Search and rescue exercises are frequently held in preparation for the expected Istanbul Earthquake. In the exercise carried out, the intervention to the earthquake debris was implemented gradually in accordance with the reality. In the earthquake zone, detectors and the gendarmerie search and rescue personnel first enter the wreckage area against the toxic gas leak. When the staff said there was no gas leak, other teams came near the debris with their equipment. Trained dogs who are doing search and rescue here and passing the exams are looking alive in the debris. How dogs found a person while doing a search and rescue was reflected in the cameras second by second. Following his scent under the wreckage, he barked at the person he found to inform his owner. The human under the debris found in accordance with the scenario is handed over to the health personnel. Later, it is assumed that there are those under the wreckage, and concrete breaking and cutting operations are carried out in certain shadows. It was revealed that the exercise, viewed from the air, did not seek the truth.

It Increases Its Technical Facilities and Capabilities Every Day

Gendarmerie Colonel Adem Şakrak, Istanbul Gendarmerie Commando Regiment Command, “Under the Istanbul Provincial Gendarmerie Command, it has been established in the Alemdağ barracks on the Anatolian side of Istanbul since 2019. There are 4 gendarmerie commando battalions affiliated to our unit. Two of these battalions are on the European side and two on the Anatolian side. Istanbul Gendarmerie Commando Regiment Command, with the instructions of our Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu, the orders of Gendarmerie General Commander Gen. Arif Çetin and the support of Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, train its personnel in a possible Istanbul earthquake and train their technical facilities and skills day by day. increases even more. "All our units under the Istanbul Gendarmerie Commando Regiment Command have search and rescue vehicles and equipment to be used in earthquakes and other similar natural disasters."

The First 72 Hours After a Natural Disaster is a Very Important Time in Live Search and Rescue Activities

Gendarmerie Lieutenant Muhammet Arslan said, “First of all, the wreckage is taken to safety. Following the coordination with other teams under the wreckage, physical search, dog search, listening under the wreckage - communication and video calls are made. The first 72 hours after a natural disaster is a very important time in live search and rescue activities. It is at this time that vital data regarding the living things exist. It is important to find out whether there is a living being under the wreckage by using live search methods and to determine the location of the varda and to start the rescue work in the right place. In dog search, the most important part of search activities is created. Dogs enter narrow places where people cannot enter and identify the survivors there. The last method is used to find the victims who make a sound by hitting a ground or calling out from under the debris. "It is possible to see the position of the living person and the injured under the wreckage with imaging devices."

One of the Most Preferred Methods for Responding to Debris is Opening a Gallery and Drilling Well

Gendarmerie Petty Officer Sergeant Ali Hikmet Aydın said, “Although there are many methods to intervene in the wreckage, I would like to talk about gallery opening and well drilling, among the most preferred ones. The gallery opening method is based on the principle of reaching the victim with a gallery to be opened from the edges of the collapsed building debris. In this method, the most important tools are pressurized air bags, hydraulic and mechanical supports, 60-70 cm lifted with support support materials on both sides of the opening, vertical support is provided to ensure safe work of rescuers. The second method is the well drilling method, various drilling and cutting hand tools can be used in this method, and the use of electrical breakers, drills and cutters and hydraulic cutters will increase the chance of rescuing the victim in a shorter time because the recovery time is very important.

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