How to Maintain a Bicycle? How Often Is Bicycle Maintenance Needed?

How to maintain a bicycle
How to maintain a bicycle

The use of bicycles is increasing day by day with the regular broadcasting of the races on TV, being one of the effective solutions to combat the climate crisis and the pandemic that emerged at the beginning of 2020. Of course, the job does not end with just getting into usage habits. Because it is necessary to pay attention to maintenance. If you want to expand your knowledge on this subject, you can find detailed information about how often the bicycles should be maintained and what should be considered in the process.

How Often Is Bicycle Maintenance Needed?

The frequency of bicycle maintenance depends entirely on the intensity of use. Because maintenance after each use results in the realization of the next driving experience under much safer conditions. Bicycles that are used only on weekends or at longer intervals should be taken into periodic maintenance at least every 2-3 months, just like motor vehicles.
If you have bought a new bicycle, you can have it serviced after a certain period of use to check that the parts are in place. However, if you think you do not have enough experience in this field, you may prefer to seek professional support. Thus, you can find solutions to problems that may result from faulty assembly and unexpected financial losses.

How To Know When The Maintenance Time Has Arrived?

You can do a thorough cleaning on the staff to see if your bike is due for maintenance. Thus, you can easily identify cracks (snake bites) and punctures that have occurred over time depending on the use. However, before doing this, it is necessary to pay attention to the material of the staff. For example, frames made of iron can rust when exposed to water. In addition, removing parts such as chains and gear systems makes this process considerably easier.
You can use hoses or pressurized machines for purification. As a cleaning solution, you can choose shampoos or dishwashing detergents produced for cars. After mixing some shampoo or detergent with water, you can start cleaning the staff with the help of a sponge. For tires, you can use a stiff brush.
You can understand that the maintenance time of the chain, which is one of the vital parts of the bicycle, is the increase in the noise that occurs during the ride. A chain that is far from its ideal performance also makes gear changes difficult. Similarly, when the gear system is worn out, it can make noise. If you are using mechanical brakes, you can get an idea of ​​whether replacement is needed by looking at the condition of the shoes.

How to Make a General Check for Bicycle?

Before taking your bike through the comprehensive maintenance process, you can perform various checks to see how the parts are in condition. For example, in order to understand the condition of the middle brace, you can hold the pedal arm from the tip and move it hard first forward and then backward. You can find out whether there is any gap in the furrow bearing by checking it manually while the front brake is applied.
In addition to the Furş bed, gaps can also occur in the hubs over time. To understand this situation, cyclists usually take the road to grip the wheels tightly and push them to the right and left. If there is not enough knowledge about wheels, getting support from a mechanic always gives better results.

Things to Consider While Maintaining a Bicycle

Once you have finished the cleaning process and identified the damages on the frame and checked the other parts, you can focus on maintenance. Of course, in the meantime, you can be careful about the issues listed below.
Working area: Before starting maintenance, you can create a work area for yourself in a flat and as clean environment as possible. In addition, if you lay a wide mat in the area you have determined, you will not be able to contaminate the places and you will have the opportunity to easily find even the smallest parts that fall on the floor while performing maintenance.
Chain: Lubrication of the chain is one of the issues that require attention during the maintenance phase. The longer you wait for the chain to dry after cleansing the dirt, the more effective the result will be. In addition, instead of the surface of the chain, you can find the opportunity to use much longer by lubricating between the links and the inner parts of the cylinders. If you think you have spilled too much oil, you can gently wipe the overflowed parts with a cloth.
Gear System: After you have completed the maintenance of the chain, you can pour a few drops of the remaining oil into the thin hose that holds the outer casing. In this way, you can prevent the water escaping to this part for various reasons from causing rusting.
Mirror Arm: Some cyclists can be sensitive to the selection of staff and parts. If you have a similar attitude in this regard and prefer hydraulic models, you may consider leaving the maintenance work to the master hands. Because mistakes to be made during the adjustment phase can generally lead to a shortened life of the mirror arm and, worse, to accidents while driving.

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