How often should vehicle maintenance be done? What You Need to Know About Vehicle Care

How often should car maintenance be done? What you need to know about car maintenance
How often should car maintenance be done? What you need to know about car maintenance

Motor vehicles must be subjected to comprehensive maintenance at regular intervals, depending on their frequency of use. In addition to these processes recommended by automotive companies based on mileage, seasonal conditions also require extra maintenance. In particular, summer maintenance ensures that the defects that occur in vehicles that have to face difficult weather and road conditions during the winter season are eliminated. You can find out why this maintenance, which must be done before entering the summer season, is important and the points that should be taken into consideration.

How often should vehicle maintenance be done?

Automotive companies determine the maintenance frequency for the models they produce in terms of kilometers. Particular attention is paid to the motor type while creating the periodic maintenance schedule, which is a standard application. Because the vehicle has a diesel, gasoline or hybrid engine, causing different effects on critical parts.
Periodic maintenance for motor vehicles with gasoline engines is carried out every 15 thousand kilometers. Diesel vehicles are recommended to be maintained at intervals of 10 thousand kilometers. It is often sufficient to maintain hybrid and electric vehicles with fewer moving parts once a year.

Depending on the frequency of use, periodic maintenance frequency changes can be made in both gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles. For example, while a commercial taxi is frequently serviced throughout the year due to heavy use, the mileage-based maintenance schedule of vehicles used only on weekends can be kept wider than usual. However, extra maintenance on vehicles, especially at the start of the summer season, prevents situations that will reduce the driving experience and adversely affect passenger safety.

Importance of Summer Care

During the winter months, most of our country experiences difficult weather conditions. Variable weather conditions are also effective in the spring season. Heavy loads are placed on many critical parts of the vehicles due to snow, rain and icing seen in these seasons. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to inspect the parts that directly affect the performance of the vehicle before entering the summer season, when the air temperatures are quite high and the road conditions change dramatically.

By having summer maintenance on your vehicle, you will ensure the safety of both you and your family members and friends traveling with you. In addition, you can be sure that parts such as air conditioning that are important for driver and passenger health and that increase the travel experience are working properly.

Just like periodic maintenance, vehicle controls for the summer season must be carried out by expert personnel. Moreover, if you apply to the authorized service for summer maintenance like most vehicle owners, you can ensure that the entire process is recorded. In this way, you can ensure that necessary actions are taken within the scope of warranty in case of problems with parts replaced in the future.

Areas to be Considered Particularly in Summer Care

There are many areas that need particular attention when performing summer maintenance for motor vehicles. Tire control and replacement are at the top of these areas. If your vehicle has a winter tire, you can request it to be replaced with a set produced specifically for summer. Because the air is very dry and the asphalt is exposed to extreme heat, summer tires provide much better grip.

After the tire maintenance, the brake system is controlled in the continuation of the process. In addition, in order to prevent problems such as pulling the vehicle to the right or left, steering wheel shaking, rot and balance adjustment is made together with brake control.

Air conditioning is one of the areas that should be paid particular attention to during summer maintenance. Air conditioning filters can be easily blocked due to increased air pollution in winter and pollen formation in spring. Thanks to the cleaning process carried out during maintenance, the filter pores are opened, ensuring that the quality of the air in the vehicle is at the desired level until the next maintenance.

In the continuation of the special vehicle maintenance process for the summer season, it is absolutely necessary to allocate time to control parts such as batteries, headlights and wipers. At this stage, the engine oil level is checked and the missing part is completed if necessary.

As a result, it contributes to the increase of both the service life of the vehicle and the passenger and driver safety as required by the scope of summer care.



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