2021 How Much Was the SEE's Contracted Staff Salary Increase? SEE Staff Current Salary List!

how much was the kit contracted staff salary increase kit staff current salary list
how much was the kit contracted staff salary increase kit staff current salary list

President's Decision on Determining the Fees to be Applied in State Economic Enterprises, dated December 30, 2021 Official newspaperIt was published and entered into force. After the minimum wage hike, hundreds of thousands of SOE workers were wondering about their salaries. According to the decision published in the Official Gazette, the lowest and highest basic wages of the contracted personnel working in these institutions were determined in terms of basic wage groups.

Accordingly, the basic wages of the contracted personnel will not exceed the maximum determined wage and will not exceed the contractual wage ceilings specified in the Collective Agreement on Financial and Social Rights Regarding the General Public Servants and Service Lines of the relevant year.

2021 SEE Contracted Personnel Salaries

1st group (lowest basic wage 4 thousand 36 TL, highest basic wage 6 thousand 985 TL)

“Agency supervisor, supervisor, assistant air traffic controller, workshop chief, lawyer, chief expert, chief controller, chief architect, chief engineer, chief physician, assistant chief doctor, biologist, analyst, dentist, dietician, pharmacist, economist, expert, physicist, station chief, group chief engineer, deputy airport manager, air traffic chief controller, air traffic controller, station chief, statistician, fire chief, geologist, geomorphologist, captain, chemist, controller, protection and security chief, protection and security deputy chief, protection and security group chief, guard and security chief, deputy director of protection and security, mechanic (TCDD), mathematician, central purchasing specialist, architect. accountant, assistant manager, engineer, translator, pilot, programmer, system programmer, civil defense chief, chief, chief, city planner, doctor, technical supervisor, technical teacher, technical chief, technical specialist, technician, translator, specialist, specialist physician, veterinarian, YHT mechanic. ”

2nd group (lowest basic wage 3 thousand 558 TL, highest basic wage 6 thousand 112 TL)

AIM officer, assistant supervisor, warehouse clerk, apron clerk, RFF officer, assistant AIM clerk, assistant aviation information management specialist, chief nurse, chief assistant, chief technician, computer operator, clerical staff, surgery examiner, child developer, child educator, distributor (PTT), typewriter, litigation officer, decorator, education specialist, index and invoicing officer, information officer, toll clerk, graphic designer, communications officer, dispatcher, aviation information management specialist, nurse, stewardess, fireman, conductor, conservator, protection and security guard, bridge operator, librarian, laboratory assistant, mechanic, clerk, assistant central purchasing specialist, assistant accountant, fiduciary, teacher, marketing and distribution officer, marketer, pedagogue, assistant programmer, psychologist, tallyman, reporter, repartitor, painter, reviser medical officer, medical technician, switchboard clerk, purchasing clerk, sales clerk, treasurer, secretary, trainee AIM officer, trainee air traffic controller, traineeaviation information management specialist, surveillance, assistant chief, technical draftsman, technician, representative, topographer, train constituting officer, assistant specialist, wagon technician, data preparation and control operator, veterinary health technician, cashier. "

3nd group (lowest basic wage 3 thousand 427 TL, highest basic wage 5 thousand 404 TL)

"Chef, gardener, guard, babysitter, dispatcher, support staff, animal caretaker, maid, machine driver, heater, switchman, assistant mechanic, maneuver, postman, groom, driver, collector, assistant technician."

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