High Speed ​​Train to Fly Housing and Land Prices in Kırklareli

High-speed train in Kırklarel will fly housing and land prices
High-speed train in Kırklarel will fly housing and land prices

Halkalı- After the announcement of the Kapıkule High Speed ​​Train Project that 3 stations will be built in Kırklareli, the region is among the pincers of investors. With the project, Kırklareli is expected to become one of the important axes on the historical silk road.

Three Grand stations will be in the heart of the city

According to the information given by Özkan Baycan, Kırklareli Lüleburgaz Representative of Turk Emlak News Agency, Babaeski, Lüleburgaz and Büyükkarışıra stations gave the information that they will make a great contribution to the city. Emphasizing that house sales in Lüleburgaz are not the same as before, Baycan said;

“House sales are not the same as before. In existing sales, generally newly built houses in accordance with earthquake regulations. People no longer prefer old houses. The reason is that these houses are not even looked at because of the fear experienced by the earthquake rumors. Generally, preferences are in the direction of 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 in new houses. In this regard, the citizen does not prefer to exceed 300 thousand TL as a budget. Housing prices for sale in Lüleburgaz are between 1 thousand TL and 1 thousand TL in 180 + 210 apartments. 2 + 1 apartments start from 220 thousand TL and go up to 400 thousand TL depending on the neighborhood. To give an example from Dere District for 3 + 1 flat prices, it starts from 280 thousand band and goes up to 650-700 thousand TL.

"The prominent neighborhoods of Lüleburgaz"

Zafer Mahallesi is one of the most popular areas around here. Sites with pools are preferred by high income groups. Then we can say 8 Kasım Mahallesi, this is a region preferred by high-income people. In this region, there are old sites and new buildings. An interesting situation in our region is that there is no demand for the old ones, and the prices of the new ones are not too high. There is also a creek project in our region that will affect the prices. If this project is realized, places such as Dere Mahallesi and Yılmaz Mahallesi will be worth it. kazanwill ache. There is also a newly built ring road in the region. It slowly started to open. On this road, it passes through the Dere District. The use of the historical bridge here will be prohibited. They will make this place like the Porsuk Stream. We think that there will be an increase in value with these projects. There are not many villa-style buildings in our region. Those have also gone up a lot in price. They want a price of 650 million 1 TL for places with 200 thousand TL.

"Small land sales in Lüleburgaz have been cut like a knife for 10 days"

Before the epidemic started, the demand for small plots was very high. Whatever happened, the demand for them in the last 10 days has been cut like a knife. This is because our guess is a subject that is misunderstood. The rumor that houses cannot be built on plots of less than 5 acres. Rumors such as the bag will be out of law for this issue in everyone's language, etc., also affected the land sales.

"High speed train will fly the region in 2023"

We think that the YHT project announced by the Ministry of Transport will make a great contribution to the region. Our relationship with Istanbul will go down to 50 minutes. In other words, someone who lives in Lüleburgaz and works in Istanbul can comfortably go to work by train. This shows that it will cause a significant increase in land and house prices. Of course, these are projects that are currently under construction. We will see what happens when it is completed. He completed his words by saying.

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