Feasibility Study for Fethiye Light Rail System Project

Feasibility study will be done for the fethiye light rail system project
Feasibility study will be done for the fethiye light rail system project

motorways established in Beijing China in 1979, railways, bridges, ports and tunnels such as the signing of the global civil engineering and construction projects, China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) company in Turkey Branch General Manager Li Juguang, Fethiye Mayor Alim Khan and related units met with their superiors.

In the preliminary meeting meeting for the light rail system planned to be built in Fethiye, CRBC company officials shared information about the project they have realized all over the world. Turkey in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, with the authorities saying that they were in cooperation, considered light rail system project for Fethiye to do feasibility studies for, the study also met with municipal department chief project stated that they want to prepare basis.

Li Juguang, General Manager of China Road and Bridge Corporation, said, “We are here for preliminary discussion for infrastructure works and light rail. We are very happy to be in Fethiye. We are coming to Fethiye for the first time. We are negotiating for the feasibility study ”.

Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca said that they had hosted Yoshinori Moriwaki in Fethiye before regarding the earthquake and they had received important information. Stating that they held meetings for a light rail system project they told the public before the elections, Karaca said, “We said that it was suitable for the regional conditions and that we wanted to realize such a project after solving the financial problems. Our meetings are continuing by our expert engineers. We are meeting with a company that has a command of its subject. They have many investments in the world. Feasibility studies will continue in this process. We have a serious loss of income due to the pandemic. "We would like to implement this beautiful project in cooperation with UKOME and the Ministry of Transport, at least if it can be done with the build-operate-transfer model."



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