Farmers Registered Domestic Buffalo For İzmir Mozerella

Domestic buffalo registered to farmer for Izmir mozerellas
Domestic buffalo registered to farmer for Izmir mozerellas

📩 18/12/2020 14:43

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyercontinues to support farmers and producers in rural areas. This time, the Metropolitan donated 33 Anatolian water buffalo to 10 producers in Tire in order to revive water buffalo breeding and make İzmir mozzarella a world brand.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to rural development, continues to support the producers. Metropolitan has donated 2 Anatolian buffaloes, which are registered local breeds, to 10 producers, 33 of whom are women, who have completed their training in Tire in order to revive the buffalo breeding that is about to disappear, to make the forgotten mozerella cheese brand and to expand the product range of the producer. Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Dr. Buğra Gökçe, İzmir Village-Cooperative President Neptün Soyer, Tire Mayor Salih Atakan Duran, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, İzmir Village-Cooperative Manager Yasemin Güngör Engin, Boğaziçi Agricultural Development Cooperative President Hüseyin Çelik, Selçuk Agricultural Development Cooperative President Gürsu Özütürk, Mehmetler Village Headman Hüseyin Dönmez, Büyükkale Village Headman Neclet Küçük, producers and villagers attended.

He talked about the work of Büyükşehir in Tire.

Speaking at the ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Buğra Gökçe gave information about the work of Büyükşehir in Tire. Stating that 342 thousand 700 fruit and olive saplings have been distributed in the district so far, Buğra Gökçe said, “The distribution of saplings covering the second period of 2020 started this week. In this context, we are starting to distribute 13 thousand 220 almond, cherry, walnut, fig and chestnut saplings to our producers in Tire. This means the continuation of ancient production, production in accordance with the nature of the region. The growth of these fruit and vegetable saplings will increase your quality of life. "It is very valuable to be employed here, to become an element that will enable you to earn enough money to live here."

"A joint machine park was established"

Stating that 11 sheep and goats have been distributed to 82 producers from 322 villages in Tire, Gökçe said, “Again, 5 hives, 19 of which were bees, were donated to 76 producers from 114 villages, and 299 queen bees to 87 producers. Beekeeping is one of the important activities of this region. Metropolitan Municipality continues to support and grow beekeeping.
Also, a common machine park was established in the district in order to use agricultural equipment efficiently. With a common machine park, spraying, air seeder, animal manure spreader, shredder machine are located in a common pool to meet the needs of our villagers. It was built in order to support our villagers who could not reach these equipment, who could not buy all of them or if they could not produce efficiently. our job is only one example of Operation Turkey, "he said.

He drew attention to the water problem

Buğra Gökçe, Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in his speech Tunç SoyerHe stated that 's also detected an important problem in the Küçük Menderes basin. Gökçe said: “Before, this was a place that did not have a water problem. However, in the higher parts of the basin, we have a very serious water problem, especially starting from Beydağ and Kiraz. One of the reasons for this problem is cattle breeding. In fact, the production of this region is based on small cattle breeding. Cattle breeding and silage cause serious water consumption. Especially in the high mountain villages of Kiraz, there were serious problems in finding drinking water. This problem is also experienced in some villages of Beydağ. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a comprehensive program to get rid of it. In order to prevent this problem, it is necessary to support small cattle breeding. It is also important to develop suitable plants in the pastures where sheep and goat production will be supported.”

"We will support small cattle breeding"

President for guaranteeing the purchase of ovine livestock products Tunç SoyerStating that there is a project of Buğra Gökçe, “We will announce our preparations for this soon. Thus, I would like to share with you the important good news about making more comprehensive support purchases for sheep and goat farming.” Stating that they want the small cattle breeding to grow more in the region, Gökçe stated that as the Metropolitan, they will continue to support its development.

Stating that buffalo breeding is forgotten in the city, Gökçe said, “It is a tradition that we have forgotten or lost. However, we know that he went to Europe from Anatolia and there was a cheese made from mozerella cheese and dessert made of this milk and created a great added value by decorating the tables in Europe. However, this is the type of Anatolia. "It is a being that grows in accordance with the natural qualities of the region, but we have gradually lost it.

"We guarantee to buy the milk and animal products you produce"

Gökçe said, “Now our president has put forward a very valuable vision, saying, 'We will make an Izmir mozerella. We are working to raise the buffalo race. But this is something that can grow with your ownership. As soon as we alone distribute this, life will not be spring here at once. Everything will not happen immediately. But if you own this, if you know the value of this product, if you make it grow, we will not waste your milk. In the near future, we will establish a comprehensive UHT facility in Bayırndır on an area of ​​our municipality. We are thinking of processing all of these milk here, making mozzarella from the milk of your buffaloes, and marketing it both nationally and internationally. We guarantee to buy the milk and animal products you produce. You continue this production here, our president will stand behind you. We will buy these products. We will share with sri Izmir and abroad as well as all citizens in Turkey. We will make Izmir mozerella a brand to the world. The key to this is in your hands. "The milk to be obtained from the buffaloes distributed today will be the key to this door."

"Less water consumption, more gain"

İzmir Village-Koop President Neptün Soyer also drew attention to the necessity of working with countries to use their existing resources in the most efficient way in order to ensure continuity in animal production. Noting that the known but extinct water buffalo of Anatolia has returned to its home, Soyer said, “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerWith the vision of 'Another Agriculture is Possible', this support given to the producers strengthens us, our cooperative partners. It also allows us to return to production. Compared to cattle breeding, buffalo consumes less concentrated feed. This means lower costs, less water consumption and more profits.

"Mandate will revive"

In his speech, Tire Mayor Salih Atakan Duran said: “Our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Tunç SoyerHe has a very good goal. Our president said, 'Farmer's children will take care of his work, village and field by saying that I will be a farmer like my father instead of working for minimum wage on the right and left.' Today, we are happy to have made one more step towards this great goal set by our esteemed President. Our Metropolitan Mayor, who works to revive the water buffalo, one of the ancient animals of our region, here. Tunç Soyer And thank you to all municipal units. Good luck to you. I know this will continue to increase.”

"Our villages should become livable again"

Boğaziçi Agricultural Development Cooperative President Hüseyin Çelik stated that they wanted the villages to become habitable again and said, “When we were young, we had cows here. It made us very happy to have that dream come true again and to have our buffaloes again. I think this will give our village a different atmosphere. After that, it belongs to us now. I have another dream. I want tens of children to walk around here. I want to make our villages livable again. I hope there will be a reason for this, ”he said. After the speeches, certificates were given to those who attended the training. 5 villagers from Mehmetler Village and 5 villagers from Halkapınar Village got their mandates with lots.

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