Does Baskentray Work on Weekend Curfew?

Does baskentray work on weekend curfew?
Does baskentray work on weekend curfew?

According to the latest circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to prevent the rapidly increasing number of positive cases during the new type of coronavirus epidemic, after 21.00:4 on weekdays and from 21:00 on Friday, 05 December to 00:XNUMX on Monday morning, day curfew will be applied. While some citizens are exempted from the ban in the full closure process to be applied at the weekend, does Başkentray work in the ban? Başkentray hours are also among the subjects that have been investigated.

Ankara Suburban System (Başkentray), which is one of the most used transportation vehicles by Ankara residents, will continue its trips at the weekend for those who are exempt from the ban.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), the internet is based on information contained in the site will serve the citizens of BAŞKENTRAY weekend. In the statement made by TCDD, "Başkentrtay trains continue without time change for our citizens who are excluded from the restriction in the new restriction period."

Başkentray will work for citizens who are out of the curfew, according to the circular titled "Combating Coronavirus - New Restrictions and Measures" published by the Ministry of Interior. In the circular of the Ministry, it was stated that "drivers and officials of urban public transportation vehicles (metrobus, metro, bus, minibus, taxi, etc.)" Accordingly, transportation vehicles will serve citizens

Başkentray suburban trains run on the Sincan-Kayaş railway line. The total line length is 36 km. There are 24 suburban stops on the line. Başkentray suburban trains run with 15 minutes intervals and two sequenced sets.

  • Sincan-Kayaş direction for train schedule CLICK HERE
  • Kayaş-Sincan direction for train schedule CLICK HERE

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