Could the Coronavirus be Transmitted from the Eye?

Could the coronavirus be transmitted from the eye
Could the coronavirus be transmitted from the eye

Nowadays, when the number of coronavirus cases is increasing, the basic rule of virus protection is mask, distance and hygiene measures.

If hands are not washed properly, the risk of coronavirus transmission may be high if they are taken to the mouth, nose and eyes. Biruni University Hospital Eye Diseases Specialist Dr. Lecturer Öznur İşcan drew attention to the importance of eye hygiene against coronavirus and made warnings about ways of protection.

"Your eye; Since it has a mucosal structure like nose and mouth structure, eyes also form a transmission route. Frequent hands to the face and eyes during the day increase the risk of coronavirus transmission. Therefore, attention should be paid to hand and eye area hygiene in protection from coronavirus.

The risk of eye contamination can be significantly reduced with the following measures.

  • Unless you are sure about the cleanliness of the hands, touching the eyes, rubbing the eyes and scratching should be avoided.
  • If it is suspected that a foreign body has entered the eye, first hand cleaning should be done correctly and then the eye should be touched.
  • Products such as wipes and cotton should not be used for eye cleaning.
  • Since the eye can be touched involuntarily, hands should be washed frequently for 20 seconds.
  • Since masks cause frequent evaporation in glasses, attention should be paid to cleaning glasses.
  • If contact lenses are used, daily lenses should be preferred, especially during this period, and special attention should be paid to hand and eye hygiene while wearing and removing contact lenses.
  • Sleeping with contact lenses should be avoided at night, and contact lenses should be discarded and new lenses should be used when the recommended period of use is completed.
  • Contact lenses should not be worn during this period, as the eyes may experience more discomfort than normal in case of illness.

These complaints in the eye may be a symptom of coronavirus.

In some cases, although there are no common symptoms of coronavirus such as muscle pain, cough, and fever, coronavirus can cause a type of eye inflammation called viral conjunctivitis. An ophthalmologist should be consulted when complaints such as redness, itching, watering, burring, burning or stinging occur in the eye.

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