Comprehensive Renewal to Istanbul City Lines Fleet

Comprehensive renewal of the Istanbul city lines fleet
Comprehensive renewal of the Istanbul city lines fleet

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines General Directorate undergoes a comprehensive renovation called "Special Survey" for its ferries. In fifteen months, 24 ferries were pooled and taken into maintenance. Nine of the ferries underwent extensive renovation. Restoration and repair processes were also initiated for the Paşabahçe and İsmail Hakkı Durusu ferries to meet their passengers again.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Lines General Directorate is carrying out detailed maintenance on 28 ferries. In fifteen months, 24 boats were docked at Haliç Shipyard and taken into maintenance. Nine of the ferries underwent a comprehensive renewal called "special survey". Six of the ferries, whose parts above and below the water were overhauled, returned to their voyages. The "special survey" procedures of İlker Karter, Sami Akbulut and Şehir Lines Gümüşsuyu ferries are continuing.

The maintenance of the other ferries of the fleet of 28 vessels, ranging in age from five to forty-eight, regarding the machinery and cooling systems has been completed. The shipyard also took action to repair the legendary ferry Paşabahçe and İsmail Hakkı Durusu. Both ferries will be restored step by step and rejoin the City Lines fleet.

Fast and Timely Response

Reminding that the priority of the historical shipyard is the ships of the institution, Sinem Dedetaş, General Manager of City Lines, stated that the ships were intervened in a timely, swift and proper manner. Dedetaş said the following regarding the renovation works:

“Thanks to our detailed maintenance, the number of defective ships in service decreased from three to 1,7 per day. It is a great chance to have our shipyard for regular maintenance and repair of our ferries. Our ferries are entrusted to us by Istanbul. They mean much more than means of transport. The identification of the city with the culture and life of the Bosphorus also puts us a responsibility. Maintaining our mostly elderly ferries when and in the necessary way will prolong their life. "

Reminding that some of the ferries in the fleet were produced in Haliç Shipyard in the past, Dedetaş said, “Our shipyard, which has an incredible 565 years of experience, knowledge and capacity, is active with our efforts. It's also a chance to have three pools. In addition to the maintenance, attitude and repair of our own ships, we also serve ships coming from different provinces such as Çanakkale, ”he said.

"We Do Not Apply Asprin Therapy"

City Lines Marine Transportation Services Manager Serkan Fidan drew attention to the fact that Haliç Shipyard's active work has shortened the downtime of the ferries. Stating that during the pandemic process, veteran ferries such as Aykut Barka and Fahri Korutürk were undergoing maintenance and renewal before their time came, Fidan said:

“We need to keep at least 21 ships working outside for our voyages. We call the malfunctions caused by the ships while they are working. In previous periods, three ships a day could not sail due to incidental maintenance. With the active work of our shipyard, we reduced this to 1,7. We no longer apply 'aspirin therapy' to our ships. We complete whatever maintenance the ship is due, and we are problem-solving. We want this habit to settle down. Of course this is what should have happened normally. But it was not done properly. "

Paşabahçe was taken into the pool

The veteran ferries of City Lines, Paşabahçe and İsmail Hakkı Durusu, are aimed to be completed in one year and added to the fleet. Paşabahçe, who was rescued from the Beykoz beach, where it was abandoned for ten years, was taken to the dock at the shipyard. Work has accelerated for the ferry, which was also seen by the advisory board established for its restoration, to meet the sea and its passengers again. A technical committee was also established for the restoration of Paşabahçe.

576 flights are made during the week

The City Lines, which has switched to the winter schedule, operates 28 daily, weekdays, 29 Saturdays and 576 trips on Sundays with 476 ferries and 439 rented engines.

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