Fence Knitted Around Railway In Diyarbakır Causes Victims of Citizens

Citizens around the railroad in diyarbakir creates unjust treatment for citizens
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The fence and wall built by the State Railways around the railway in Diyarbakır cause citizens to travel long distances. Citizens complain that there are too few crossing points.

The fence and wall work of the State Railways, 2 meters high and 12 kilometers long along the train tracks in Diyarbakır, continues despite the reactions.

The project, which was said to have been stopped upon the public reactions, was quietly resumed. With the wall, the passage routes of the people of Diyarbakır have changed.

Three level crossings were made along the train tracks for the fences that reached the point where the old guest house was from Batıkent Square.

While it is seen that citizens are starting to use alternative routes, especially in front of the guest house, where the density is experienced, many citizens trying to cross the city have to go a long way.


Speaking to the Mesopotamia Agency, Ömer Çetinkaya said that the project was unnecessary and such an expense was a burden.

Drawing attention to the fact that the people will definitely find alternative ways against the wall, Çetinkaya predicted that the iron fences will deteriorate at least a year later.

Pointing to the elderly and sick people, Çetinkaya said that citizens have to travel at least two kilometers to get to the other side of the city.

Mustafa Sarı, on the other hand, stated that there are schools on both sides of the fences and emphasized that the students use this road frequently, so overpasses should be built.


Mehmet İkram, who lives in Bağlar, stated that he used this road frequently and complained about the lack of level crossings.

Unable to give any meaning to the project, İkram also reacted to the allegations that it was made to prevent accidents.

Noting that train tracks have been used for a long time, İkram said that he has lived here for 40 years, but has witnessed only one accident so far. (Source: Universal)

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