Fuxing Series High Speed ​​Trains are Fully Commissioned in China

fuxing series high speed trains are put into service with all
fuxing series high speed trains are put into service with all

It has been reported that all trains within the Fuxing series will be put into service with the launch of the CR250 type trains, which were developed within the scope of China's high-speed train series called Fuxing and can reach a speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

In the statement made by China Railway company, the said development was expressed as an important step taken in scientific and technological innovation in China's railway field.

According to information from the China Railway, the company is in China's “13. During the “Five-Year Development Plan” period, it cooperated with related enterprises, colleges and scientific institutes in Turkey. In this way, the company has made a number of important breakthroughs by achieving technological innovation in critical equipment for the high-speed rail network.

According to the company's statement, high-speed train technology was developed entirely by China's own facilities during the said period. Within this framework, Fuxing series high-speed trains with different speed ratings and capable of meeting different usage demands were produced.

Operating across China, 1036 Fuxing trains have traveled 836 million kilometers and carried 827 million passengers so far. The Fuxing series high-speed trains, which can reach speeds of 160 to 350 kilometers per hour, are expected to reach all regions in the interior of China next year.

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