Artificial Intelligence Option in the Solution of Traffic Problem in Istanbul

Artificial intelligence option in solving the traffic problem in Istanbul
Artificial intelligence option in solving the traffic problem in Istanbul

Gathering at the Istanbul Informatics Congress held online, the IT managers of IMM explained the important progress made in the cyber field and the 2021 goals. At the meeting, where it was emphasized that traffic management in Istanbul can be transformed into intelligent with artificial intelligence, the issues of Istanbulkart's being a life card preferred by the private sector and the access of metro to the internet were also discussed.

Six people managing the IT processes of IMM came together at the “Smart Cities” session within the scope of the 14th Istanbul Informatics Congress held online. This year's session was moderated by IMM Head of Information Technologies Department Dr. Erol Özgüner did it. IMM Technology Coordinator Melih Geçek, BELBİM A.Ş. General Manager Yücel Karadeniz, İSTTELKOM AŞ General Manager Nihat Narin, İSBAK AŞ General Manager Esat Temimhan and UGETAM AŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. İbrahim Edin also participated as a speaker. In the congress, many panels were held on the subjects of "Smart City", "Cloud Computing", "Cyber ​​Security", "Disaster Informatics", "Smart Renewable Energy Management", "New Trends in Data Science".


Melih Geçek, who made the first speech in the session, emphasized that they quickly adapted to the remote working system as IMM during the pandemic. His real words continued as follows:

“As IMM, we made this change to be made in 3 years in 3 days. We have adapted very quickly to a system where we would normally spend a lot of time with trainings and maybe get an efficiency of 30 percent. Since we have a solid infrastructure system, we provided a high level of service in terms of technology. We mobilized all our means in order to meet the increasing communication needs. 'Big data' management continues to be among our important agenda items. In 2021, we aim to implement the application of Istanbul You. Our main goal is to increase the quality of life of citizens at every point of life. "


Esat Temimhan, who made the second presentation of the session, stated that they focus on three main areas in line with the new strategic plan of IMM and said, “As ISBAK, we continue our work in the fields of transportation, earthquake and energy-environment, which are our priority. Individual vehicle use has increased significantly due to the pandemic. As a solution to the traffic problem, we want to increase the number of data received from the field and transform traffic management with artificial intelligence into smart. We aim to establish charging stations for electric vehicles in all parking lots in Istanbul ”.


BELBİM General Manager Yücel Karadeniz, on the other hand, drew attention to the point where Istanbulkart has reached today and announced that the satisfaction rate of the citizens of the card is 95 percent. Stating that Istanbulites now have a 'city card', Karadeniz said that Istanbulkart now has the opportunity to trade and said:

“We tried to make İstanbulkart a life and city card. We moved it to areas such as sports facilities and museums. We negotiated with large market chains to make it a spending card and we made serious progress. We also transformed Istanbulkart into a corporate card. This process has begun. "


Nihat Narin, General Manager of İSTTELKOM, emphasized that the citizens made a disconnected journey from the internet in the subways and made the following evaluations:

“Today, approximately 2 million people per day live in subways separated from the whole communication network. Administrative authorities need to take the necessary steps as soon as possible in case of urgent need and disaster. As İSTTELKOM, we have completed our infrastructure works for subways to provide double-sided internet, everything is ready and we are waiting for an answer to our application to the Istanbul Police Headquarters. We are ready for all cooperation to solve the issue in the face of intense demand from our citizens. "


UGETAM AŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. On the other hand, İbrahim Edin touched upon his work in the fields of energy, informatics and education, which are the new corporate vision and strategic areas. Edin said, “There are a total of 13 million natural gas and water meters in Istanbul and we are testing all alternative solutions to transform them into smart ones. We aim to achieve significant savings in many areas with new systems. We want to create a new generation city construction site management standards in Istanbul, where 420 construction sites continue to work daily. Due to the pandemic, we moved all our trainings to virtual environments. "With the 'Quartz' project, we aim to maximize citizen satisfaction by reducing the operating and maintenance costs of institutions."

Providing information about other Smart City activities of IMM, Head of Information Technologies Department Dr. Erol Özgüner said, “We want to transform the data of IMM and its affiliates into more meaningful data. Our Suspended Bill application was one of the most important projects of the last year during the pandemic period. We started to use Robotic Process Automation services in institutions. "We expanded our IMM WiFi network and increased the number of subscribers to 4 million."

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