Alpin Rotary Wing UAV System Will Become Serial Production in 2021

Alpine doner wing draft system will also be serial production
Alpine doner wing draft system will also be serial production

Titra Technology Inc. Phase-1.5 studies of the Alpin rotary-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by the company for 1 years have been completed. The company plans to switch the ALPIN rotary wing UAV system to the mass production stage with a high domestic rate at the end of 2021.

The company transformed a two-person helicopter carrying 190 kg of cargo, which it bought second hand from Europe, into a fully autonomous and unmanned platform in 18 months. Alpin (UAV), which successfully completed the flight test in Ankara / Kalecik Test Center, drew attention with its long range and high altitude. Titra Technology Senior Manager Selman Dönmez stated that the fuel tanks of the helicopter purchased were enlarged for long range and also the engine performance was improved for long hours of operation.

Senior manager Selman Dönmez stated that they aimed to make the platform unmanned autonomous as a first step and that they achieved these goals. On this issue, he claimed that they could make another platform, which is already in the inventory, unmanned and autonomous in 7-8 months.

Alpin UAV designed for different scenarios

While designing the Alpin unmanned helicopter, both civilian and military needs were considered and modernized accordingly. In case of disasters, it was aimed to prevent disruptions in communication by installing base stations in the payload section and to provide serial supply to the base areas thanks to its high load carrying capacity in military situations. Company officials aim to fill the gap in the unmanned helicopter area.


  • Range 840+ km
  • Altitude Ceiling 15.000 ft +
  • Flight Time 7-8 hours
  • Carrying Capacity 160 kg

Some of Usage Areas;

  • Target sharing support with artillery units in ground operations
  • Transport of various useful loads such as ammunition and food to military areas
  • Intelligence, target detection / surveillance / tracking support with high-resolution camera and gimbal system at high altitude
  • Discovery, observation, food, first aid etc. in natural disaster situations. transfer of payloads
  • Mapping and imaging applications
  • Agricultural missions
  • Meteorology
  • Mobile base station

ALPİN Unmanned Helicopter System Features:

  • Ease of use with its user-friendly interface
  • Possibility to assign flight properties such as instant route, speed, altitude.
  • Flight out of sight (BVLOS) with optional devices
  • Aerial laser scanning
  • Day and night imaging with infrared camera
  • Transfer of day and EO / IR camera images in encrypted form to the ground station
  • Encrypted data communication infrastructure
  • Redundant avionic architecture and autopilot system
  • Easy integration of additional systems with modular avionic architecture
  • Safe / emergency landing with autorotation in case of motor loss (Autorotation)
  • Safe / emergency landing for certain emergency scenarios through the use of parachutes
  • Region and status limited (link loss, etc.) automatic return to home capability
  • Precise positioning ability
  • GNSS fraud prevention
  • Safe flight with the integration of anti-collision systems
  • Ability to navigate through the calculation of position, velocity, orientation (Dead Reckoning) using inertial navigation (INS) for GNSS loss and special purpose flights
  • Possibility to be transported by light load carrying vehicles with its compact dimensions
  • Alternative to control and display multiple ground control stations

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