Turkey Will Be the Year for 2021 Projects

turkey on the project will be the year
turkey on the project will be the year

While the government determines the password of the next period as law and economy, the projects will not slow down. The year 2021 will be a milestone in many projects, from roads to railways, airports to energy.

According to a report in Türkiyegazetesi Osman Çobanoğlu'nun; “Among the projects planned to be completed next year Kadıköy-Kartal-Kaynarca Rail System Line, Gayrettepe-3rd Airport, Kağıthane-3rd Airport, Gaziray Project, Tokat Airport, Rize-Artvin Airport. Next year, a total of four connection line projects with a length of 14 km will be completed. 2 more will be added to the high speed train sets. Mass production of the national electric train series will begin. In the National High Speed ​​Train Project, it is aimed to complete the design work and move on to the prototype manufacturing phase. Next year, the design of the National metro project will start. Infrastructure works of Filyos Port and Çukurova Airport will be completed.


Boron Carbide production facility will be completed and put into operation. Tender for High Power and High Voltage Experiment Laboratory Complex Installation. A site selection for a nuclear power plant project will be made and a formal agreement will be reached with the technology owner. A site license application for another nuclear power plant project will be provided. The Tuz Gölü Natural Gas Underground Storage Project and the Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Expansion Project will also become active next year. Within the scope of the Tuz Gölü Natural Gas Underground Storage project, the first gas filling works in 6 caverns will be completed and will be commissioned. Deep drilling of 40 caverns will be completed. The thawing activity will begin in 18 caverns. In the North Marmara Natural Gas Storage Expansion project, drilling activities will be carried out in a total of 18 wells over two platforms. In the project, the construction of land pipelines will be completed.


Next year, DSI will put into service a total of 51 facilities, including 39 dams, 92 ponds and dams, 44 irrigation facilities, 12 consolidation projects, 3 drinking water facilities, 16 waste water facilities, 137 hydroelectric power plants and 394 flood facilities.


Cars Initiative of Turkey's foundation was laid in 2020, the domestic automobile factories that have implemented Group is scheduled for completion in 2021.


Satellite communication capacity continues to improve. Türksat 5A will be sent to space at the beginning of January. 5B is expected to be launched in the first half of 2021.


The modernization of Gürbulak, Pazarkule and Türközü Customs Gates will be started. In addition, the construction of the service buildings of Erzurum and Iğdır Customs Offices will start.


2021 more city hospitals are expected to open in 5. City hospitals currently serve with a bed capacity of nearly 18 thousand. With 2021 city hospitals to be put into service in 5, this number will approach 27 thousand. Kocaeli, Kütahya, Ankara Etlik, Gaziantep and İzmir in the list of city hospitals planned for 2021 by the Ministry of Health Bayraklı ranks.

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