TÜRASAŞ Becomes 34-Year-Old TÜLOMSAŞ Sign in Eskişehir

the annual tulomsas sign in eskisehir became turasas
Photo: Esra Unlu

In 1986, in the heart of Eskisehir TCDD subsidiaries being turned into a semi-private joint-stock company and Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ), the plate of the factory was changed to TÜRASAŞ after 34 years.

by the German Empire in 1894, the Berlin-Baghdad steam locomotive in the last line of the Anatolian Railway and wagons built by Anatolian-Ottoman troupe name to meet the needs TULOMSAS Tayyip Erdogan Prime Minister Recep In March, Turkey Rail System Utilities Industry Company (TÜRASAŞ ) decided to establish. With this decision, TÜVASAŞ, TÜDEMSAŞ and TÜLOMSAŞ, which are subsidiaries of TCDD, merged and TÜRASAŞ was established. In this context, the sign that was TÜLOMSAŞ for 34 years was changed to TÜRASAŞ last week.

During the Turkish War of Independence, Eskişehir and the train workshop were occupied by the British. It was taken back by Kuvâ-yi Milliye on 20 March 1920 and its name was changed to Eskişehir Cer Atölyesi. The workshop, which was captured by the Greeks on 20 July 1920, was rescued on 2 September 1922. II. The recruitment of many people as part of the mobilization during World War II led to stagnation in production. Towards the end of the war, the production capacity increased with the returning workers. In this period, a power plant was established to meet the ever-increasing energy need and electricity was supplied to some neighborhoods of Eskişehir.

In 1957, two small steam locomotives were produced to operate between two stops in a park in Eskişehir. The following year, the name of the workshop was changed to Eskişehir Railway Factory. In 1961, Karakurt, the first domestic steam locomotive capable of 70 km / h, was produced.

In 1960, the first domestic automobile, Devrim, was produced at the Eskişehir Railway Factory on the instructions of President Cemal Gürsel. The name of the factory was changed to Eskişehir Lokomotif ve Motor Sanayii Müessesesi (ELMS for short) in 1970. During this period, locomotives and engines were produced using the licenses of French and German companies.

ELMS, moderleş financial insights together in 1986, the subsidiaries of TCDD case was brought to a semi-private joint-stock company and "Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc." (TÜLOMSAŞ) was named. In the following years, technology transfer was made by signing license agreements with American and Japanese companies. Thus, in 1994, the first domestic diesel hydraulic maneuvering locomotive was produced.


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