For Weekend Public Transport in Antalya, 23 Even 43 Vehicles at a Time

for public transport on street restriction or even vehicle
for public transport on street restriction or even vehicle

📩 18/12/2020 14:03

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality increased the number of public transportation trips to 23 for citizens who are obliged to work on the curfew on the weekend.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality organizes public transportation trips from 21.00 to 05.00 on weekdays and health personnel, public and other employees who are obliged to work within the scope of the two-day curfew on the weekend. From 18:21.00 on Friday, December 21, when the curfew will be imposed, until 05.00:23 on Monday, December 43, XNUMX lines will fly with XNUMX vehicles.


According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System, VF01, VF02, AC03, AF04, KC06, LC07, KL08, LF09, LF10, UC11, VL13A, DC15, TC16, CV17, VS18, MD25, KC35, MF40 , VF66, TK51, DM86, FL82 and 600 plate number main and trunk lines will continue their voyages on the days with curfew. On Saturday and Sunday, when there are curfews, public transportation vehicles start their first voyage at 06.00 and make their last voyage at 21.00. The flights are carried out at 60 minute intervals. In the weekday restriction, the black plate public transportation vehicles belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality travel from 21.00:00.00 to XNUMX:XNUMX in the evening.

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