2020 Kilometers Road Made to Districts of Konya in 380

Kilometers have been made to the districts of Konya
Kilometers have been made to the districts of Konya

📩 30/12/2020 13:51

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has spent a lot of work in 2020 to raise the district and neighborhood roads to the city center standard.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay reminded that the service network has increased to 2014 districts and 31 residential units with the New Metropolitan Law, which started to be implemented in 200, and stated that infrastructure and superstructure investments have continued uninterrupted in the last 1 year despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayor Altay emphasized that they have been working day and night for the total development of the districts by completing all the works they have included in the 2020 investment program in the districts and neighborhoods and said, “In the past year, our Metropolitan Municipality Science Works teams carried out a total of 28 kilometers of cold asphalt work, including all infrastructure works in our 380 districts outside the center. In our district centers where we previously built prestige streets, our teams also worked on 65 thousand tons of hot asphalt. " used the expressions.


Konya Metropolitan Municipality also produced a total of 30 thousand tons of maintenance and repair materials called rotmiks in the districts and provided a total of 575 thousand square meters of locked paving stones to the district municipalities in this process.

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