Ordu Signs A First In The Black Sea With Hot Air Balloon Tourism

your army threw its signature hot air balloon with black tourism
your army threw its signature hot air balloon with black tourism

A new identity for the army kazanOrdu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler broke new ground in the Black Sea with his hot air balloon tourism.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which performed balloon flight trials for the first time in Aybastı Perşembe Plateau, famous for its meanders, also performed a test flight in Altınordu skies.

The hot air balloon, which received wide coverage in the national and local media in a short time, was sent to Ordu. kazanPresident Güler, who stood up, was appreciated.


Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that they wanted to introduce all the beauty of Ordu to the world with the work done. President Güler continued his speech as follows:

“We want to introduce the beauty of our army and Black Sea to the whole world. Therefore, we are trying to create new fields that will both promote our Ordu and develop new business opportunities and tourism with new alternative touristic systems. Therefore, after Aybastı Plateau, we want to use this magnificent beauty on Altınordu coast for the promotion of our city. This is a great opportunity. After Cappadocia, we do this in Ordu. I hope it will have good results. Our Aybastı Plateau was very famous for its meanders, otters, fresh water mussels and canoeing. Now we will make this beauty watch with balloons. We were seeing our beaches from the land, then we started to cruise from the sea by ships. Now we will bring these beauties to the attention of the world with balloons. Thus, we will try to attract more tourists by promoting more ”

The flights planned by the Metropolitan Municipality tourism company ORTUR A.Ş. are aimed to make significant contributions to the tourism of the region.

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