The Bridge of Sayed, which is of vital importance for the region, was opened in Yenişehir

Söylemiş Bridge Connecting 5 Neighborhoods in Yenişehir was Opened
Söylemiş Bridge Connecting 5 Neighborhoods in Yenişehir was Opened

Baba Sultan Park, whose landscaping works have been completed, and Söylemiş Bridge, which was brought to Yenişehir by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and connects with Söylemiş, Yolören, Çeltikçi, Karasıl and Çardakköy neighborhoods, was opened with a ceremony.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which realizes the projects that will carry Bursa to the future in every field from transportation to infrastructure, from historical cultural heritage to the environment, with decisive steps, opens investments that will increase the quality of life in 17 districts. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on works such as smart intersection applications, road widening, increasing the quality in public transportation vehicles, and rail system optimization in order to produce radical solutions to transportation, which is the most fundamental problem of Bursa, continues its transportation investments in the districts without slowing down. In 1973, in the Söylemiş District of Bursa's Yenişehir district, the Metropolitan Municipality was closed to traffic and then a new bridge of 12 meters wide and 45 meters long was built in place of the collapsed bridge. As Yolören, Çeltikçi, Karasıl and Çardakköy Neighborhoods are located on Yenişehir - İnegöl road, Söylemiş, Subaşı, Orhaniye, Osmaniye, Akçapınar, Çayırlı, Ayaz, Akbıyık and Karacaahmet Neighborhoods are also an alternative route to Yenişehir - Bursa road, Söylemiş Bridge is vital for the region. was put into service. Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Yenişehir Mayor Davut Aydın, Yenişehir District Governor Suat Seyitoğlu, AK Party District Governor Fikret Hatipoğlu, MHP Provincial Vice President Cemal Ersoy, MHP District Chairman Ömer Gürsoy and local people attended.

Baba Sultan Park was opened

Another work brought to Yenişehir by the Metropolitan Municipality was the Baba Sultan Park landscaping. Baba Sultan Park, which is one of the most important meeting points of the people of the district, which was built by Orhan Gazi because he participated in the conquests of Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi with his men, was renovated from the beginning. The stone wall surrounding the park with an area of ​​approximately 26 thousand square meters was renewed, and a 3250 square meter square was built around the Postumpost Mosque located at the highest level of the park. Baba Sultan Park added value to the district with its hiking trails, waterway and landscaping. President Aktaş and protocol members, who cut the opening ribbon together, then toured the park.

161 million investment in Yenişehir

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that, as the Metropolitan Municipality, they invested 3 million 161 TL in Yenişehir in the last 500 years. Reminding that the lion's share of the Yenişehir investments was taken by the transportation investments with 80 million TL, Mayor Aktaş said, “Transport and infrastructure are indispensable in all districts. In our Yenişehir district, we have carried out approximately 97 kilometers of drinking water, 28 kilometers of sewage line manufacturing, 10 warehouses and 5 kilometers of stream cleaning by means of BUSKİ. In the last 3 years, we have gained 44 kilometers of hot asphalt, 84 kilometers of surface coating, 37.500 square meters of border pavement, 4.600 meters of auto railing, 80.000 square meters of parquet, 21.500 square meters of parquet flooring and 4 bridges in Yenişehir. In addition to these, we continue to add value to Yenişehir with park and green area arrangements and restorations within the scope of historical and cultural heritage studies. “I wish the Söylemiş Bridge and Baba Sultan Park, which we opened today, to be beneficial for Yenişehir”.

Our neighborhoods become more beautiful with the Metropolitan

Yenişehir Mayor Davut Aydın also said that Yenişehir is taking firm steps towards its goal of becoming a more livable city by breaking its shell. Referring to the efforts to create a perception in social media such as 'Metropolitan does nothing to Yenişehir', Aydın said, “We live in Yenişehir, the best example of the people's alliance. This bridge, which connects Karasıl and Söylemiş districts, was built by our Metropolitan Municipality in a short period of 7 months. Metropolitan serves Yenişehir, our neighborhoods become more beautiful with Büyükşehir. These investments will not be possible without the support of the Metropolitan. I say this with pride. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor for the support they have given to our district ”.

Yenişehir District Governor Suat Seyitoğlu thanked Mayor Aktaş for his contributions, reminding that the Metropolitan Municipality has made serious investments both in the countryside and in the district center.



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