New Renault Captur Engine with High Quality and renewed in Turkey!

Renault has high quality new and refurbished engine with cape turkiyede
Renault has high quality new and refurbished engine with cape turkiyede

📩 16/11/2020 10:50

More dynamic exterior design, interior space is approaching New Cap with high quality and refreshed engine range to high-end road off to Turkey.

Offering the highest level of customization options to its user, the model draws attention with its technological revolution and powerful SUV lines. New Captur, which came to our country with Joy, Touch and Icon hardware levels, was offered for sale with prices starting from 211.900 TL.

Renault Captur, which has achieved great success since its launch in 2013, has been completely renewed. So far, 1.6 models in its segment in Europe which reached over one million units sold, while the best-selling car, Turkey displayed a remarkable performance in the market.

With the quality and comfort it offers in the interior, New Captur winking at the upper segments. Top quality materials, smart cockpit, cockpit-style high center console, E-shifter gear lever, meticulously crafted details and new seat architecture are among the outstanding innovations.

The model offers Driving Assist System technologies in three categories: driving, parking and security. These features that make up the Renault EASY DRIVE system can be easily controlled by touch via the Renault EASY LINK multimedia system. The new Captur offers screens that attract attention in its category with its 9,3 '' multimedia screen and 10,2 '' digital display screen.

The customization and modularity features in the codes of the previous generation were also preserved in New Captur. Within the scope of personalization options, the roof of the New Captur is offered in the same color as the body or in a contrasting Star Black, Atacama Orange and Antique White color options.

Leader in luggage volume

Sliding sliding rear seats, which are key to the comfort and modularity of the vehicle, continue to exist in the second generation. The new Captur offers the largest luggage volume in its class with 536 liters. In addition, the interior storage volume of up to 27 liters offers a very comfortable cabin environment for passengers.

Renewed all is New Cap scope of the turbo-enabled efficient engine range, Turkey 1.0 TCe 100bg, 1.3 TCe EDC 130 hp, 1.3 TCe EDC 155 hp including 3 gasoline, 1.5 Blue dCi 95 hp and 1.5 Blue DC EDC 115 hp including 2 diesel brings a wide range of engine options together with the users.

High quality and latest technology in the interior

The interior design revolution that started with the new Clio continues with the New Captur. The "Smart Cockpit" with a slight inclination towards the driver is further developed, while a new cockpit-style console is offered. The model, offered with the latest technologies and the largest vertical tablet screen in its segment, stands out with its powerful ergonomics and a more comfortable driving experience. The cockpit-style high center console enriches the driving experience by offering precise control with its futuristic EDC gear lever (e-shifter). The customizable center console draws more attention thanks to its LED ambient lighting.

The front panel of the new Captur has been completely redesigned to increase the perception of quality. In the middle, besides the ventilation in the horizontal strip, customizable decorative components stand out. At the bottom of the central screen, the importance given to ergonomics is striking, with piano buttons and easily accessible climate control.

The largest vertical tablet screen in the segment

The 9,3-inch multimedia screen, which is the leading player in the smart cockpit, stands out as the largest vertical tablet screen in its segment. The slightly curved vertical tablet gives the passenger compartment a modern look, while the slight tilt increases the readability of the display. Thanks to the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system facing the driver, all multimedia, navigation and infotainment services, as well as MULTI-SENSE settings and parameters of the driver assistance systems are easily accessible.

The 7 to 10,2 inch color display in the instrument cluster offers a highly intuitive way to customize the driving experience.

The newly designed seats of the new Captur in the quality of the upper segment provide more effective support. The hollow semi-rigid backrest provides the rear passengers with 17mm of extra legroom, while the new headrests increase the rear view. The seats increase the quality in the passenger compartment. The new Captur can offer upholstery options in different colors to contribute to the personalization of the interior ambience.

Thanks to the use of a more compact airbag compared to the previous model, the steering wheel has been slimmed down and made even more stylish. The new Captur EDC versions have F1 style gear shift paddles on the steering wheel.

A stronger SUV identity

The new Captur, which has more athletic and dynamic lines, stands out with its reinforced SUV identity. Thanks to the transformation carried out in the exterior design, the lines of the model have become more modern, distinctive and impressive. The New Captur, which is 4,23 cm longer than the previous model with a length of 11 meters, stands out with its optional 18-inch wheels and increased wheelbase. Its new design, millimeter precision dimensions, front and rear Full LED C-shaped headlights and illumination, and decorative chrome details all stand out as components of quality improvement.

Customizable color combinations

The dual-color body, which is one of the distinguishing features of the model, is also presented very successfully in the New Captur. In addition to 8 different main body color options, the ceiling can be offered in the same color as the body or in 3 different colors, namely Star Black, Atacama Orange and Antique White, to create contrast. The roof can also be offered with an electric sunroof feature.

The fact that the ratio of double-body-roof colored vehicles in its sales is close to 80% makes Captur stand out with its personalization options. The new Captur further enriches this feature with new alternatives offered in both interior and exterior design.

The striking front bumper under the wide grille of the new Captur not only reinforces the model's identity and dynamism, but thanks to the two air deflectors at the front of the fenders, it directs the air flow, increasing the vehicle's aerodynamic performance and reducing fuel consumption.

The slim taillights on the new Captur complement the C-shaped headlamp design typical of Renault. The back and side lights that create a three-dimensional effect further emphasize the design.

Renewed efficient and rich engine range

The new Captur is upgrading its class with its new gasoline and diesel engines with all turbo features. In addition to a 5-speed manual gearbox, the engines offered with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox offer low emission levels as well as optimized fuel consumption.

The new Captur brings 2 different diesel engine options together with drivers driving at long distances. While 1.5 horsepower of 95-liter engines produces 240 Nm of torque, it offers 6-speed manual transmission. The 115 horsepower diesel engine produces 260 Nm of torque. This engine option is offered with a 7-speed automatic EDC transmission.

3 different petrol engine from the new Capture Turkey, the 100 TCe 1.0hp engine 5 speed manual transmission is offered. The first of the 7-liter TCe engines offered with a 1.3-speed automatic EDC transmission is 130, the second is 155 horsepower.

Comprehensive driving assistance systems: EASY DRIVE

The new Captur offers a safe drive to drivers by extending the use of highly advanced driving assistance systems for its category such as the New Clio. In addition to features such as automatic high / low beam headlights, blind spot warning system, safe distance warning system, traffic signs recognition system that make urban use safe and comfortable, features such as 360 ° camera and hands-free parking support system making it safer than ever.

Ergonomic multimedia system: EASY LINK

The Renault EASY LINK multimedia system is available in the New Captur with a 7 '' or 9,3 '' screen with built-in navigation, all compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The Renault EASY LINK multimedia system interface is designed to be ergonomic and more practical. This design was inspired by smartphone apps, resulting in an easy-to-use technology. Some screens can also be customized with widgets that take the user directly to their favorite apps.

Personalized Captur experience with MULTI-SENSE

Renault MULTI-SENSE technology is also available with Captur to customize the driving experience. With the MULTI-SENSE feature, the driver can personalize the vehicle according to his mood. This includes Eco mode for lower consumption and CO2 emissions, Sport mode for higher driving pleasure, agility and precision, and MySense mode to customize your experience.

8 different color options can be used to customize the lighting environment.

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