Wet Wipe Giant Sapro Stepped into E-commerce

wet wipe giant sapro has stepped into business
wet wipe giant sapro has stepped into business

Wet wipes production is one of the leading companies in Turkey and Europe In appreciation, hygiene products to both pandemic period stepped into e-commerce with increasing interest in online shopping. Sapro's own brand `` Hops '' products developed in two categories as disinfectant and antibacterial http://www.hops.com.tr The sale at the address attracts great attention.

Wet wipes production in Turkey and Europe, one of the leading companies In appreciation, hygiene products took a strong step in e-commerce in this period had seen a lot of demand.

Started broadcasting in October http://www.hops.com.tr On the website, all of Sapro's “Hops Plus” products, which offer effective solutions against viruses, fungi and bacteria, and “Hops” products were put up for sale. The products sold include hand and surface disinfectant wipes, antibacterial wet towels, eyeglass cleaning wipes, and single colonized wipes.

Underlining that the website is an important tool for delivering products to the end consumer, Sapro Deputy General Manager Murat Gönül said, “The two most growing sectors during the pandemic period were e-commerce due to those who wanted to shop with hygiene products without leaving their homes. As we are one of the leading wet wipes producers in the country, we moved our hygiene products online ”.

Stating that the sales are good even though it is only a month, Gönül said, “We are planning to increase our product range in the near future. We will also put on sale our new products for which we carry out R&D work ”.

There are also sales on online shopping sites

Hops Plus and Hops brand products can be obtained from the online shopping sites trendyol.com, n11.com and Hepsiburada.com, as well as the brand's website.

Covidien counter-19A, the new Hops Plus Hand and Surface Disinfectant Wipes offers an effective solution to 1 percent in the first minutes, one of Turkey's most R & D investment firms, which were developed with the help of experts in appreciation of structure.

The new products, which provide virucidal effect and protection against viruses and bactericidal fungi against bacteria, were formulated in the pH range compatible with the skin. Hops Plus Hand and Surface Disinfectant Wipes, which are effective against gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria, have also been proven by experts that they do not cause irritation on the skin.

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