Minister Karaismailoğlu: 'We will introduce Kayseri to the High Speed ​​Railway'

we will introduce minister karaismailoglu kayseri with fast railway
we will introduce minister karaismailoglu kayseri with fast railway

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Karaismailoğlu replied, “We will introduce Kayseri to the fast railroad” on the subject of High Speed ​​Train, which was expressed by Mayor Büyükkılıç from the rostrum.

The groundbreaking ceremony of the 7-kilometer Anafartalar - City Hospital - YHT Gar Tram Line, which is designed by the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and will be built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, was held. Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç made a call to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu from the rostrum for the High Speed ​​Train, and Minister Karaismailoğlu said, “We will introduce Kayseri to the fast railroad. "We will build a 142-kilometer-long train line between Yerköy-Şefaatli-Kayseri in connection with the Ankara High Speed ​​Train line."

The groundbreaking ceremony of the 7-kilometer Anafartalar - City Hospital - YHT Gar Tram Line was attended by Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Hosted by Memduh Büyükkılıç, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Governor of Kayseri Şehmus Günaydın, AK Party deputies Mustafa Elitaş, Taner Yıldız, Hülya Nergis Atçı, İsmail Tamer, İsmail Emrah Karayel, MHP MPs İsmail Özdemir, Baki Ersoy, Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, the AK Party Provincial Chairman Saban Çopuroğlu, MHP Chairman Serkan Tok, town mayors and invited guests attended.


In the ceremony, which started with a minute of silence and the performance of the National Anthem, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Memduh Büyükkılıç spoke. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan started his speech by thanking the Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu and his hardworking and diligent team, ministers and MPs and said, “When we look around us, we have developed Kayseri, which is an indispensable shining star in the middle of Anatolia, which embraces 8 cities, We strive to take it to better points. As a doctor with the philosophy of "let the people live so that the state lives", I cannot pass without expressing our gratitude to our President. I would like to thank Mr.President and his team for presenting our 600-bed City Hospital next to us to this city and granting us such a work, which was once again appreciated during the pandemic period. I would like to thank our devoted healthcare professionals once again. "I would like to remind you once again that we should never ignore the mask, distance, and cleaning rules in order to relieve the burden of our healthcare professionals in the epidemic that has started to mobilize in the world again."


In his speech, Mayor Büyükkılıç told Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu that they were expecting a clear and clear statement about the Kayseri high-speed train, “The process initiated by our President in Istanbul and our team in Kayseri since 1994, alhamdulillah, with the trust and love of our citizens of Kayseri, it has moved to today with the understanding of being worthy of them. Our citizens of Kayseri know, love and trust the work we do in the culture of harmony, but we know that there are aspects that need to be done even more and that we should try to be worthy of them in terms of service. Besides, our fellow townsmen from Kayseri love and support our President, and this is obvious. Our President always devotes a special place to Kayseri in his heart and loves us. Now, I will say to our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure by going a little too far from here; “Mr. Minister, we are waiting for the announcement about the Kayseri high-speed train with the instructions of our President. Because now, I would like to emphasize that our Kayseri should not be given the opportunity to speculate, comment or talk about it in different media, and make this subject as a material ”.

Stating that Kayseri is equipped with a tram network, President Memduh Büyükkılıç said, “Let people live so the state can live. I would like to thank our minister Mehmet Özhaseki from here. A new 35-kilometer line to be built by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is now being added to this work, which equips our 7-kilometer end-to-end Kayseri with a tram network. This line starts from Belsin Anafartalar Stop, comes to the Intercity Terminal, from there passes our City Hospital, which is our pride next to our Sugar Factory, and comes to this area, which is planned as High Speed ​​Train Station, next to Nuh Naci Yazgan University. There is a site here, one of the most important projects of our furniture manufacturers, and I commemorate our friend Mehmet Ali Çevrim, its founder, with mercy. Besides not of Anatolia, one of Turkey's largest shopping malls have kumsmall. There is a center that will open up to the world from Kayseri, the capital city of furniture, which will serve 80 percent of the furniture industry. The work on the tram, which contains all these beauties, is carried out by our Ministry of Transportation and I thank them and their team. In addition, as Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, we are making the tender for a new line from Talas to the Martyr Furkan Doğan Dormitory of 5.5 kilometers on December 30th. He said, "Good luck to our city already".


Ordering Kayseri's requests one by one to the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Mayor Büyükkılıç said: “We opened the 4-kilometer section of our Bekir Yıldız Boulevard two days ago. At the same time, we completed the fourth leaf on the overpass of the City Hospital and put it into service. At this point, I would like to express here to our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and his esteemed team that two clover leaves of our Nuh Naci Yazgan University are missing. Our felahi friends also whispered in my ear. They said, 'Oh my president, don't forget our way to Göğdere. Do not shoot the messenger. Erciyes Turkey project is our pride in our city, our world-class. Reminding that the main road passing through the middle of our Erciyes project between Develi and Kayseri in winter conditions caused traffic chaos and confusion, if you think that 80-100 thousand citizens come to the north from that region immediately, from that region to the North side, from our Minister, because the Highways are within the transportation network. I would like to express that we will be grateful if they give instructions to a study. In addition, a 6 million TL tender was held for the transportation between our Erciyes mountain and our Pilgrims, they gave instructions, the work started, I thank you for this. In short, it equips Kayseri with projects of 100 million 1 thousand square meters of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan National Garden, 260 million square meters of Keykubat National Garden, both in terms of development and environmentalist understanding, and by integrating it with Cappadocia with its infrastructure and its surroundings, green, highways, tramways and airlines. We continue our services with the understanding of being the center of attraction of the region. "


In his speech, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar expressed what to do and what to bring High Speed ​​Train to Kayseri and said, “The construction of this tram line and High Speed ​​Train Station is an important event. Beyond that, the arrival of the High Speed ​​Train is a much more important event. As members of the Cabinet, we also presented it to our President. Whatever may be done with other investment efforts, it is my sincere belief that the residents of Kayseri will not be satisfied unless the high speed train arrives in Kayseri. What will we do and take care of this high-speed train issue. This tram line investment is an extremely important investment. Our Kayseri has developed with the investments made, it continues to develop ”.


In his speech, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu gave the good news of high speed trains and said, “I am happy to be in Kayseri, the heart of Anatolia with its thousands of years of civilization. We come to Kayseri with the good news of new projects every time. Today we are laying the foundations for two important projects. We have invested over 6 billion 346 million lira for transportation and communication infrastructure in Kayseri. There is a 294-kilometer railway network in Kayseri within the provincial borders. We will introduce Kayseri to the fast railway. With the Yerköy Kayseri high-speed railway project, we will build a 142-kilometer-long train line between Yerköy-Şefaatli-Kayseri in connection with the Ankara High Speed ​​Train line. We are establishing a logistics center with a transport capacity of 620 million tons on an area of ​​1.80 thousand square meters in Boğazköprü location. "We have completed the loading ramp and the infrastructure and superstructure of 4 roads within the scope of the first stage."

Kayseri Governor Şehmus Günaydın also stated that it is a groundbreaking ceremony that will meet an important need for Kayseri, and thanked everyone who contributed to bring this investment to the city.

Following the speeches, the groundbreaking ceremony of the new tram line was held by the protocol.
This 7-kilometer rail system project, which will continue from the Anafartalar Station of the existing tram line in Kayseri and connect it to the Intercity Bus Terminal, the City Hospital, Nuh Naci Yazgan University and the YHT Station from the Mobilyacılar Site, will create a very functional transportation infrastructure. Within the scope of the project, 5 domestic tram vehicles will also be provided.

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