Waste Exhibition at Karaköy Tunnel Station

waste exhibition at karakoy tunel station
waste exhibition at karakoy tunel station

In order to increase environmental awareness, a competition was held in 2018 to evaluate the wastes within IETT. The products that were successful in that competition were projected under the name of "Bring Your Waste to Life" upon the intense interest they received and an application was made to the "European Waste Reduction Week 2020" event. 17 products that succeeded in the project are exhibited at the entrance of Karaköy Tunnel.

The idea of ​​product design from recyclable wastes was developed in order to bring wastes under control within the framework of sustainable development principles and to raise awareness in order to leave a livable environment to future generations. In this context, "Give Your Waste Life, Too!" A competition was organized within IETT with the slogan.

Scrap collecting equipment from metal wastes, pots from suspension bellows and air conditioner gas tubes, tables from wooden pallet wastes, repair kits from metal wastes, remote-controlled cars from bearings and pulleys, electronic parts, decorative ornaments made of halogen bulbs, decorative stands from tires and metal wastes that have reached the end of their life. 24 creative projects participated.

Following the applications received between April 20, 2018 and May 25, 2018, the number of projects was reduced to 17 in the pre-selection made by the personnel of the Energy and Environment Management Directorate.

In the evaluation made over 15 points for the contribution of the waste used to recycling, 15 points for the product creation stages, 25 points if the product has not been designed before, 15 points for the social benefit of the product, 15 points for the contribution to the zero waste approach, the products that are entitled to receive awards were determined. .

Municipalities of Marmara Union, which Turkey Coordinator, waste reduction, product reuse and aims to create awareness about material recycling strategies, "European Waste Reduction Week" events, held in November every year since 2009.

The products that ranked in the 2018 competition were presented as a project to this year's "European Waste Reduction Week 2020" due to the intense interest they received. The products that are worth to be exhibited within the scope of the project started to be exhibited at Karaköy Tunnel Station during the week of 21-29 November.


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