Export of Electric Vehicle Charger to Europe from Vestel

export of electric vehicle charger to europe
export of electric vehicle charger to europe

📩 12/11/2020 15:28

Vestel of Turkey's leading technology companies, the world's largest electricity utility companies from Iberdrola international electric vehicle chargers (EVC) was contracted for the project. Vestel will produce EVCs that will be positioned by Iberdrola between 2020 and 2021 in many important regions of Europe.

Vestel won the EVC tender of Spanish energy giant Iberdrola and became the producer and supplier. Vestel, selected for the ambitious project, will produce high quality and well-designed EVC04 EV Chargers. Vestel, currently continuing to export EVC to the whole world, will initially support the electric vehicle charging points to be established by Iberdrola in England, Italy and Spain with this project. It is aimed to expand the project to other countries in the future.

Under this project, Iberdrola aims to build a more comprehensive electric vehicle charging station infrastructure as part of its 150 billion euro sustainable transport plan. The plan covers the location of nearly 5 electric charging stations (EVCs) in homes, businesses, streets and highways across Europe over the next 150.000 years.

Vestel, which has received numerous awards in the field of sustainable technology, produces energy-efficient products for a more environmentally friendly life. Vestel, which has developed many technologies to sign the smart world of the future, has many efforts to popularize electric vehicle charging stations. Vestel EVC04 models, which are tested according to the highest criteria, have a fireproof body and are resistant to harsh climatic conditions, provide fast and safe charging. In addition, these models can be remotely controlled with multiple internet connection options. By connecting to EVC04 chargers via the mobile application, electric vehicle drivers can remotely control the device and view charging data.

Vestel CEO Turan Erdogan made a statement on the subject: “Both individuals and institutions aim to reduce their carbon footprint in order to protect the world's resources and combat climate change. In this context, the widespread use of electric vehicles is of critical importance. Fully in line with our goal of reducing harmful carbon emissions with sustainable technologies, the Iberdrola project provides a valuable opportunity to increase international momentum for the proliferation of electric vehicles. With our production capacity and expertise, we are in an excellent position to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Europe. In addition to our value-added products and services, our agility, flexibility and market penetration made us different from our competitors and enabled us to work with valuable partners such as Iberdrola. We are proud to work in close partnership with a major international company like Iberdrola. ” said.

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