Connecting Railroad Pythio Istanbul Turkey to Europe

turkiyede the context of european istanbul railway pythio
turkiyede the context of european istanbul railway pythio

Istanbul-Sirkeci - Pythio rail, Istanbul's European side in Sirkeci starting from the Station and Turkey by traverses the East Thrace in Greece's Evros province, Kumçiftlig of (Orestiada) Pythio in the district (Kuleliburgaz) ended at Train Station eren is the main line railway. Pehlivanköy - Turkey Svilengrad railway line with one of the two railway lines connecting Europe, is an important freight corridor.

The railway line was built by the Chemins de fer Orientaux / Rumeli Railway (CO) Company as part of the line of the Rumeli Railway between 1870 and 1873. The construction of the Rumeli Railway, which was started to be built entirely within the territory of the Ottoman Empire in 1870, was frequently interrupted due to the riots in the Balkans and the 93 War. When the line was put into service in 1888, it was now in Bulgaria, Serbia and the Ottoman territories. After the Balkan Wars and World War I, a part of the line remained within the borders of Greece. With the borders determined by the last War of Independence, the part of the railway line between Pythio (Kuleliburgaz) and Karaağaç remained within Greek territory. In this case, since 1923 - between 1971 and Turkey he was forced to move from their land in the neighborhood of Edirne Elm Elm Train Station and the border with Bulgaria and Greece to reach the railways. With the Pehlivanköy - Svilengrad railway line built by TCDD and BDZ in 1971, a direct connection to Edirne and Bulgaria was provided without having to cross the borders of Greece. With the construction of this line, the railway line in Karaağaç was closed for use. However, the original Rumeli Railway line in Pythio is still used by OSE as a rail link to Bulgaria.

Today, on the railway line by TCDD Tasimacilik, Istanbul-Halkalı - Kapıkule and Istanbul-Halkalı - Uzunköprü Regional Trains are operated.


The railway line starts from Sirkeci Station on the Golden Horn shore on the European Side of Istanbul and reaches Yedikule by following the sea walls. Then again from the beach HalkalıIt continues until. Then, following Küçükçekmece Lake, it turns north towards Çatalca. It climbs to a height of 6 meters with a slope of ‰ 200 between Çatalca - Kurfallı and then Çerkezköyit goes back to. It then reaches Uzunköprü by following the Ergene Plain at an average altitude of 50 meters. Here then turning towards the northeast direction Turkey - Greece border on the Evros River that forms the border gate Uzunköprü and Pythio Border Gate in the Pythio through Greek territory (Kuleliburgaz) also ended.

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