A First in Turkey! Snow Stored for Winter is Layed on Palandöken Ski Center Tracks

A first winter snow were spread on the turkiyede stored in the Palandöken ski slopes
A first winter snow were spread on the turkiyede stored in the Palandöken ski slopes

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality has launched the app for the first time in Turkey this season Palandöken Ski Center. 22 thousand cubic meters of snow stored for the winter was laid on the tracks for the season.

2020-2021 ski season ahead of Turkey, where the completion of all preparations for the most important ski resort in Erzurum giving information about the newly implemented project in Palandöken Mayor Mehmet Tab, "Rolling out our runway of snow we store last year to this season," he said. Explaining the importance of the "Snow Storage" application, President Sekmen said: “This year we stored 23 thousand cubic meters of snow in our ski center in May. With this study, which was carried out for the first time in our country, we managed to hide approximately 2020 thousand cubic meters of snow masses accumulated in suitable areas with the end of the ski season in May 14. We used the snow we hid before the season together with technical snow in our ski center. With the spread of the snow masses that we keep specially in the sun-free area, the problem of whether it snows before the season has thus been eliminated. "


Mayor Mehmet Sekmen reminded that with this application, the opening of the ski season was taken earlier. Mayor Sekmen continued his words as follows: “With the air temperature dropping below zero at Palandöken Ski Center, the snow spread that we hid was carried out by our teams. Our technical snow production (Artificial snow) also started with the air temperature falling to minus 4 degrees. As part of the snow storage practice, our 750-meter-wide and 7-centimeter-thick track created on the 40-meter-long track 45 was made suitable for skiing. Hopefully, next season, we will implement snow storage and storage practice in larger areas with larger masses. " President Tab, Norway, Italy and performed in various ski resorts in Austria 'Snow Warehousing and Storage' applications had been made for the first time in Palandöken Ski Center in Turkey, he added.

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